Discuss what is required to ensure change readiness rather

Assignment Detail:- Assessment item - Action Plan TASK Your team has been hired as external change agents- Working in your team you will be responsible for contributing to and finalising the plan to move forward- Change management practitioners use the industry standard Proscii ADKAR model- This assessment task develops corrective actions, guides change management plans, and measures progress using both academic and practitioner sourced material - see this URL site for some guidance: Step 1 - Develop corrective actions -interventions- to move the organisation from its current state to a desired future state, use Hayes' interventions to identify which interventions are appropriate to address the issues/problem areas/opportunities discussed in your Assessment 2- From your research for Assessment 2, awareness and desire -AD of the ADKAR model- might be already be evident, however, employees/managers may need more knowledge so that ability/capability can be demonstrated- Step 2 - Guide change management - the people issues - discuss what is required to ensure change readiness rather than change resistance -use Oakland's figure eight framework to help guide the changes needed moving forward-- Step 3 - Measuring progress - how the organisation can recognise when the change has become the new "norm" - taking into account the features of the organisation- Hayes discusses this in Chapters 30 and 31 , and Topic 12 presents some models -and extensive markers presented by Buchanan in the reading for week 12- for you to consider when discussing how an organisation knows when change is "the new norm"- Here you will reference the R of the ADKAR model but in discussing corrective actions you may need to revisit other aspects of the model to achieve the required outcome- Please ensure you use APA7 style referencing throughout- Part 2 Reflection - this is your individual reflection Using the team contract developed in Assessment 1, individually reflect on how effective/ineffective your team is on meeting task/maintenance goals - task being the assessment parameters, and maintenance of the emotional needs encouragement and support- required to complete the task- Summarise two aspects that have been done well and two that need attention- Place this reflection on a new page after the references in your copy of the report- This has an open word count, however, you should aim to be succinct in your reflection- Please note - you do not need to use references in your reflection- Prior to submitting your assignment carefully go through the Marking Criteria and Standards in the table below to ensure you have completed all parts of the task adequately and have noted the weighting of each section- NOTE: The Assignment will be returned after the School of Business Assessment Committee has approved grades, this may be after the published return date- Length: 2000 Attachment:- Action Plan-rar

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