Discuss the three major forms of ethical theories in

Assignment Detail:- HC1062 Decision Making And Problem Solving - Holmes Institute Question 1: Differentiate between Experimental and Ex post facto and explain where each type may be a preferred option and include relevant examples in each case- Question 2: The decision-making process involves a series of systematic steps to make a successful and logical decision- Identify and discussthe primary 7 steps of decision making, and use examples to illustrate your answer- Question 3: Discuss the three major forms of ethical theories in business research- Provide at least two examples in each case- Question 4: Qualitative research describes events in their natural setting- Briefly discuss the factors that should be considered when choosing the qualitative method and explain various uses of qualitative research for business- Question 5:Differentiate the following set of terms in relation to evaluation of the measurement tools- Provide relevant examples-• Validity,• Reliability, and• Practicality Question 6:Describe with examples, the step-by step procedure for statistical hypothesis testing-

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