Discuss the profit or loss this is causing and what

Assignment Detail:- Review the Profit and Loss Report Question: Analyse and review the information - then provide detailed answers to the following Type or Section of PlanIs the cost of sales worth keeping the lines open????Discuss the profit or loss this is causing and what recommendations you would make-Review all of the figures - are the total calculations correct ????Identify any errors you can locateHas the increased cost in advertising had any impact on profit????Give details: Review the operating expenses and outline figures that have altered and in what wayOverall, what is your opinion on the Net Profit/Loss final figures for the organisation-Answer this in your own words- Financial AnalyisUsing the supplied report called ‘Operating Statement AUG & SEPT 2021' - analyse the figures and answer the following questions IN DETAIL- Questions1- Perform an overall analysis of the 2 months-What areas of INCOME clearly altered over that time period????2- What areas of EXPENSES clearly altered over that time period????3- What COSTS have occurred in August that did not appear in September???? 4- Explain WHY the salaries have decreased in September when the PT sessions increased????What managerial decision may have affected this???? 5- Is operating at this level VIABLE????Consider the net profit and -loss- in your answer- FINANCIAL Risk AnalysisBased on the same reports used in Part 4 over the months of August and September -remembering that the financial year commences in July- outline your plan to alleviate the current ongoing risk of the business operating at a monthly loss-Use the table below to complete this task: 1- Outline the team members that you would communicate with in relation to planning a meeting and discussing your concerns- 2- Identify the areas that you are planning to discuss withthese team members- 3- Outline HOW you would communicate and liaise with the team that you have brought together- 4- List here the relevant policies and procedures you believe would need to be reviewed in line with minimizing the financial risks of the organisation- 5- Complete the FINANCIAL RISK ANALYSIS Template below outlining your main areas of concern, costs reduction, increasing income, etc--Add additional rows as needed- Attachment:- Financial Risk Analysis-rar

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