Discuss the procedures for the preservation of evidence; be

Assignment Detail:- MN624 Digital Forensics - Melbourne Institute of Technology Assessment - Digital Forensics Investigation Learning Outcome 1: Record, administer and document digital forensics in social media- Assignment Description: You need to research one recent digital forensics crime that requires digital forensics investigation, such as malware, embezzlement, extortion, cyberbullying, murder, kidnap, drug trafficking, intellectual property theft, espionage, employment misconduct, fraud, forgeries, inappropriate email and internet use in the workplace- For this part, you will write a 500 - 1000 words report that addresses the necessary steps to ensure that digital evidence is Collected, preserved, imaged, and can be examined- Prepare a report on the following: 1- Provide a detailed description of the case-a- Summary of the offence being investigated-b- Report who was involved in the crime, i-e- who was the criminal-s-, the suspect-s- and the victim-s-????c- Identify and report what type of evidence was used in the criminal investigation of the case;d- Explain two acquisition methods that you should use in this case study-e- Discuss some options that can be used for preserving the data- 2- Explain the importance of a chain of custody for digital forensic evidence- Be sure to explain the process of documenting, collecting and storing evidence from the crime scene you're investigating -e-g- a laptop computer-- Describe the consequences of not following a proper chain of custody- 3- Discuss the procedures for the preservation of evidence; be sure to connect this work with the chain of custody- Describe consequences of not carefully preserving evidence- 4- List and analyze the tools you will need in your investigation and the reason you chose those tools- Support this analysis with relevant research- Critically evaluate the forensic tool-s- and discuss their capacity in various categories of functions, including acquisition, validation, and verification, extraction, reconstruction, and reporting- Attachment:- Digital Forensic-rar

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