Discuss the main uses, limitations, and possible security

Assignment Detail:- Assignment: Securing system using IPTable firewall You are required to set up, configure, and test your firewall- You need to do research and reading to be able to complete this assignment- You need to discuss the main uses, limitations, and possible security holes of your firewall and write it in your report- You should test that following packages are installed on your machines: Telnet, MySQL, and Apache webserver- Start the services, and test that they are working prior to your experiments with the IPTables firewall- Include screenshots in your answers to show that the services are working and the output of your results to show that the requested filtering is performed- Important: You need to save copies of all different configurations -for each part- that you have done- -You should include your firewall rules and the results -screenshots- in the report- Configure your firewall to: 1- Reject all incoming and outgoing ping packets- 2- Reject all incoming telnet packets and allow all outgoing telnet packets- 3- Reject all traffic coming to MySQL server- 4- Block incoming packets to the IP address of your virtual machine- 5- Allow packets inbound to port 80 -inbound- and reject packets going out -outbound- through port 80- You then need to: a- Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of firewalls with iptables and make suggestions to overcome the disadvantages in your report- Attachment:- IPTable firewall-rar

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