Discuss the key benefits of performance dashboards and

Assignment Detail:- Question: Lesson Objective 1: Define the need for performance dashboards- Lesson Objective 2: Explain the link between data and business performance- Lesson Objective 3: Discuss the key benefits of performance dashboards- Lesson Objective 4: Explain the steps required in making dashboards Lesson Objective 5: Create a performance dashboard using MS Excel-  You need to select a company then need to collect Secondary Data from www-kaggle-com- Then need to create a Dashboard using PowerBI or Excel- At least 9 Dashboard need to be created, Dashboard making topic example is belowSales performanceMarketing performanceFinancial performanceEmployee performanceSupport Team performanceHospital performance To succeed in today's competitive business world, the ability to make the right decisions at the right time based on water-tight insights is essential- Studies suggest that businesses that adopt a data-driven marketing strategy are likely to gain an edge over the competition and in turn, increase profitability- How to make Dashboards Define Your Dashboard Audience And ObjectiveSelect The Right Chart Type For Your DataDon't Forget About Colour TheoryBuild a Balanced PerspectiveMake Sure Your Dashboard Is Mobile-OptimisedFollow These Essential Design Basics Taking the role of an external Consultant, they will be required to conduct a performance review of the organisation and will submit a 2500-word report that will critically review and evaluate a chosen area of interest, department, or sector- The report will include the design and a deployment plan for a business intelligence/data analytics system -using appropriate data analytics software-- Secondary data sources will be used to direct the analysis as well as frame the problem/opportunity statement regarding the case company- There is no expectation that students should collect primary data- As part of the written assignment, students will be required to develop a decision support dashboard for the organisation- The dasboard will be designed and developed by using appropriate data analytics software and should be submitted separately using Blackboard- A 2500 word report justifying the use of business intelligence and data analytics solution methods-

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