Discuss the importance of understanding the diversity of

Assignment Detail:- HAS108 Health Assessment - Health Assessment Case Study Evaluation Learning Outcome 1: Identify and demonstrate interview techniques used to enhance communication during history takingLearning Outcome 2: Discuss ways to incorporate health teaching as part of the health assessmentLearning Outcome 3: Perform a thorough and accurate holistic health assessmentLearning Outcome 4: Discuss the importance of understanding the diversity of society and cultural safety approaches that influences the approach to healthcareLearning Outcome 5: Recognise elements of the development of person centred care plans Assessment PartThis assessment provides an opportunity for you to demonstrate the theoretical knowledge you have acquired so far in HAS108, focusing on comprehensive history taking and questioning techniques- ContextThis assessment presents a timely opportunity for you to think about how to integrate frameworks of person centred care and partnering with consumers into your nursing practice-It is important to consider how you could establish a person centred approach to the patient in the scenario you select, and articulate any features about this patient that navigate the direction of questioning or techniques you would utilise in assessment and care planning- Instructions 1- View the two -2- case scenario videos provided and found in your Assessment 2 area2- Choose one -1- of these scenarios; David or Theo3- Read the additional observation data on each character -see Appendix 1 in this document-4- You are to address a series of short answer questions tailored for the character in the scenario This assessment requires you to answer 3 questions- The questions are the same for each character however, given the different circumstances, socio-economic and medical histories of the characters, each case study is to be uniquely considered-A short introduction -150-200 words- briefly introducing the case study is required- A short conclusion -150-200 words- will concisely summarise your findings for your chosen case study- Short Answer Questions: 1- Using resources provided in this subject, identify and explain what information is needed to a gain a more comprehensive past history for your chosen video character- Consider the patients level of health literacy and cultural safety issues in your answer-2- Based on the information given for each character, identify and explain what abnormalities/concerns you can identify in the physical observations and patient history-3- Identify and explain what additional physical assessments are needed in order to facilitate a diagnosis for your chosen character, and identify and describe what body systems need to be explored further- Referencing:It is essential that you use appropriate APA style for citing and referencing research- Attachment:- Health Assessment-rar

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