Discuss the different stages of the case management process

Assignment Detail:- CAS203 Principles of Case Management - Stott's College Learning Outcome 1: Demonstrate an ability to supervise client service delivery plans- Learning Outcome 2: Use effective communication in consultation and partnership to address client needs- Learning Outcome 3: Discuss the different stages of the case management process- Learning Outcome 4: Illustrate ability to co-ordinate case management in a complex and diverse environment- Learning Outcome 5: Exhibit knowledge on case management principles and framework for practice Learning Outcome 6: Demonstrate an ability to utilise practical case management skills Learning Outcome 7: Evaluate group processes and applied skills in group settings Topics will include:1- Introduction to Principles of Case Management2- Case management concepts and values3- Manage effective communication with staff and clients4- Case management process5- Screening and assessment6- Planning and care co-ordination7- Follow up, transitioning, evaluation and exiting8- Referral and advocacy9- Integrated service delivery10- Capacity building and manage resource allocation11- Continuing professional development -CPD- and record management12- Ethical standards Assessment: Case Management Report Word Count: 1000 words This assessment is designed to help you develop foundational knowledge regarding Principles of Case Management in Australia- You will be required to select one target population from the following list and discuss -giving practical examples- how it might impact upon the provision of case management for this client group-- Low linguistic competency- Interpersonal trauma- Youth homelessness- Seeking asylum in Australia- Intellectual impairment- Domestic and Family Violence Your report should identify key issues facing this target group, impacts upon service provision and referral to appropriate services, and key areas of expected capacity building- Your written report should include a minimum of 8 -scholarly- journal articles read, in addition to any textbook references- The format of your report will be discussed in greater detail during tutorials-

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