Discuss some of the trade-offs and the challenges of a move

Assignment Detail:- Part A Discussion Question Discuss some of the trade-offs and the challenges of a move to an enterprise-level analytics solution for companies and their individual end users who might have grown accustomed to working with their own customised solutions for generating data- Back your discussion with i- critical review of relevant literature, ii- the case of Nationwide Insurance -Support Case presented in the next section of this assessment brief-- -1,500 words-, Part B Discussion Question Answer the following two questions and back your discussion with relevant literature available- a- Explain the Material Master specification in SAP ERP and discuss why it is one of the most complex types of data in SAP ERP system???? b- b- Discuss how SAP 4/HANNA is different from previous versions of SAP???? Explain SAP 4/HANNA capabilities and its features, especially regarding SAP ERP- -1,000 words- Part A Support Case: Nationwide Insurance Use of BI to Enhance Customer Service Part specific guidance:• Your answers should be well referenced, following the instruction provided in the next section of this assessment brief- • Make sure your answer to each part is well highlighted and separated- • You are advised to devise a table of content- • Abstract, or executive summary is not necessary- Part A You are expected to:Review and address relevant literature on the adoption of enterprise- level analytics solution, highlight their advantages, disadvantages, and implementation challenges,Refer to the case study provided to form an argument and make a point, Consider reviewing few solutions in more detail, conducting comparative analysis, or case analysis to strengthen your argument- Part BTo answer both questions and to form your argument and make your point:• Consider explaining and highlighting the general architecture/ structure of master data in SAP ERP, the specific architecture/structure of data in Sales andDistribution module in SAP ERP, the functions of master data in S&D module- • Compare SAP S/4 HANA, highlight its capabilities and compare them with those of previous version of SAP, specifically with regards to SAP ERP- Remember to back your argument with relevant available literature- • Cite all information used in your work which is clearly from a source- Try to ensure that all sources in your reference list are seen as citations in your work, and all names cited in the work appear in your reference list- • Reference and cite your work in accordance with the APA 7th system- Attachment:- Analytics solution-rar

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