Discuss sequential and iterative problem-solving approaches

Assignment Detail:- ICT106 Technical User Support Question 1-Mrs Smith bought a laptop for her son for online classes during the COVID-19 pandemic- After two months of use, the audio facilities of the laptop malfunctioned- Mrs Smith visited the support department for the laptop company- Paul, a senior support help desk agent attended to Mrs Smith's query- Since Paul, has dealt with several similar problems, he told Mrs Smith that there is no need to continue explaining since he knows the problem with Mrs Smith's laptop- He instructed Mrs Smith to go home and update the laptop using the latest drivers from the internet- Mrs Smith didn't want that solution because she didn't know how to update computer drivers- While Mrs Smith was talking, Paul was typing the incident- Mrs Smith got upset with the customer service she received- She shouted and demanded to be served by the manager- -i- If you were Paul, describe the steps and give examples of the actions and activities you could have taken to ensure that your communication with Mrs Smith becomes effective???? -ii- Identify and explain three barriers to effective communication that have been demonstrated by Paul in this case- -iii- Describe in detail, the steps you would have taken to calm Mrs Smith down when she was shouting- Question 2-With the aid of diagrams, discuss sequential and iterative problem-solving approaches- -7- Attachment:- Technical User Support-rar

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