Discuss safety issues that major port stakeholders are

Assignment Detail:- Question 1:Select any of the below two ports and answer the followingPort of Rotterdam or Port of AntwerpProvide a brief introduction of the port's geographical location, infrastructure and facilities, services, and major trades -less than one page in length-- The introduction will not be included in your word count-Assuming the CEO of the selected port is considering implementing a Port-Centric Logistics -PCL- model to enhance its competitiveness and requires you to undertake an assessment on this matter- Would you recommend implementing the PCL???? Why or why not???? Justify your answers- Question 2: Select any port of your choice and answer the following questions related to port safety and security- a- Discuss safety issues that major port stakeholders are concerned with and explain the factors contributing to the issues- b- Discuss how the port can enhance safety and security by adopting technology- Question 3 Based on your study in this unit, discuss how ports are and can be further committed to achieving the following four United Nations Sustainability Development Goals -SDGs- to contribute to global, national, and regional prosperity, productivity, stability, and happier and healthier lives- Use real examples to support your discussion- • Decent work and economic growth • Industry, innovation, and infrastructure • Climate action • Partnerships for the goals

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