Discuss identified areas for education for the client in

Assignment Detail:- Comprehensive Client Profile INTRODUCTION: provide an overview of the client -including diagnosis and current presentation- Q1- A statement on what the client, family and carer understand about the condition and its impact on the client Q2-Identify the current treatments the client is receiving and what multidisciplinary resources and support services are being accessed Q3- Identify what community based care services they are accessing Q4- Identify what other agencies and professionals are supporting the person Q5- Discuss what level and type of care is being provided by the family and carer Q6- Discuss identified areas for education for the client in the management of their chronic health condition and how you have contributed to the clients understanding- Q7- In a brief paragraph, discuss the following impacts due to their chronic health condition• Social• Emotional• Physical• Psychological• Financial Q8-Care Plan:Once you have collected the above information and other relevant patient data you must analyse the health information collected and the clinical presentation of the client and develop an accurate plan of care that includes appropriate nursing interventions related to their chronic health problems- In the development of this care plan you must actively involve the client in the development of strategies to self-manage their condition- It is expected that you dentify 2 Nursing diagnosis -using the NANDA tool as a guide-- The interventions you identify must be implemented for the client and you then must provide a statement in your care plan submission on the client's response to those interventions- Attachment:- chronic health problems-rar

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