Discuss how the logistics operations of shipbuilding

Assignment Detail:- Question numbers must be clearly shown beside each answer, no need to include questions in the answer document- References MUST be provided in the text and in a reference Harvard style of referencing- Please also include a Table of Contents- Your answer script should be 2200 words in total, ± 10%- You are required to include your word count on the title page- Question 1 Discuss how the logistics operations of shipbuilding companies should be developed in the post-COVID-19 era- Your answer should include the possible changes in 3 operational activities: customer service, inventory management, and transport- -15 marks- Question 2 Manufacturing companies have adopted artificial intelligence -AI- in their logistics operations- Discuss, using real-world examples, how this emerging technology may impact: a- Inbound logistics-b- Outbound logistics- Attachment:- Business Logistics-rar

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