Discuss GrainCorp's engagement with Corporate Social

Assignment Detail:- Assignment Case StudyGrainCorp is an Australian agribusiness with head office in Sydney- It is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange -code: GNC-- Its total revenue in the year ended September 2015 was over $4 billion and its earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization -EBITDA- was $235 million- GrainCorp's history goes back to 1917 when it was established as the Grain Elevators Board by the New South Wales government- It now focuses on three core grains -wheat, barley and canola- and has four main divisions, called reporting segments- These are:• GrainCorp Storage & Logistics• GrainCorp Marketing• GrainCorp Malt• GrainCorp Oils You must complete the following tasks with respect to the case study of GrainCorp:• Briefly describe GrainCorp in terms of its product-s-, target market-s-, history, size, location, and legal structure• Discuss GrainCorp's engagement with Corporate Social Responsibility -CSR-• Provide a brief comparative profit and loss statement analysis- Note: In GrainCorp's annual report the profit and loss statement is referred to as the Consolidated Income Statement and the balance sheet is referred to as the Consolidated Statement of Financial Position• Calculate and explainthe following 6 ratios using data from the latest financial accounts of GrainCorp:1- Net working capital2- Current ratio3- Quick ratio4- Inventory turnover ratio5- Debt to equity ratio6- Return on invested capital• Comment briefly on whether or not you believe that GrainCorp's latest annual results are consistent with its vision and purpose -which are labeled ‘mission' and ‘vision'- Attachment:- Case Study-rar

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