Discuss and present the Business Information System issue

Assignment Detail:- ICT1100 Business Information Systems - Ozford Institute of Higher Education Assessment Part 2B: Group Case Study Presentation Assessment details: This assignment is a Group Case Study project presentation based on the allocated case in Assessment Part 2A- Your task is to discuss and present the Business Information System issue which presented in case study allocated to you in Assessment Part 2A- The presentation should take 10-15 minutes with minimum 10 slides- You are required to complete Team charter and submit it alongside of your presentation-Team charter is a peer review tool that makes sure all team members contribute equally to the task and receive mark fairly- Please see rubrics for marking case below as a guide- All group must prepare a presentation of their case study in class -In consultation with your lecturer-- Presentation slides must be submitted online in Moodle- All materials MUST be submitted electronically in Microsoft PowerPoint-Presentation structureTitle SlideIntroductionOutline Slide- the key point of this presentationDiscuss the issues presented in the caseRecommendations/ SolutionsConclusionReference List Attachment:- Business Information Systems-rar  

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