Discuss and critically ANALYSE the court/tribunal decision

Instructions: Please read and re-read carefully to avoid mistakes.

The case - 15. Jubilee Mines NL v Riley [2009] WASCA 62

1. Research on an Australian case (ideally not more than 10 years old since the decision by the Court) involving breach of company director's/officer's duties under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).

2. Group report: Write a report outlining the following:

a. Case introduction.

b. The duties/responsibilities breached (ex. CA sections 181 or 588G) and explain why the duties were breached.

c. Discuss and critically ANALYSE the court/tribunal decision and the reason for the decision in view of the Corporations Act.

d. Where possible and applicable. the relevance of the decision to the development of Australian corporations law or the impact of the decision on the operation of companies in Australia.


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