Discuss a contemporary Database storage, access, design or

Assignment Detail:- HI5033 Database Systems - Holmes Institute Objectives This assessment item relates to the unit learning outcomes as in the unit descriptor- This assessment is designed to improve student research and writing skills and to give students experience in researching the literature on a specific topic relevant to the Unit of Study subject matter- Students will be expected to complete a literature review to discuss a contemporary Database storage, access, design or Information design issue which an IS professional may experience- Students will critically analyze current academic papers then present their work in a detailed literature review and analysis- Instructions This assessment will be completed individually- All students must have a different topic- Students can choose to write about the same technology, but the approach and the thrust of each paper must be different- To ensure this uniqueness, each student must decide on a topic and email their topic and title to their tutor within the first 2 weeks- Your tutor will respond with an approval or with a message that you will either need to choose a different topic or to change the thrust of your paper- You tutor may decide to do this for you- Deliverable Descriptions Below is a description of the different deliverables and the requirements The outline will consist of: the title, your name and a list of the section headings that will be included in your Literature Review- You should include at least 5 section headings which are relevant to the topic you have been allocated, -this list should not include either 'Introduction' or 'Conclusion', though these can be included apart from the 5 others-- You need to include at least five preliminary references and indicate in which section they will be included- The references must be relevant to the topic assigned- Thus once allocated your topic, you need consider how you will structure the literature review so you can devise a list or headings- You must have access the full-text article of any reference you use- You cannot use a reference where you only have access to the abstract and title, or a small section of the paper- For the draft submission you are to write an Introduction, consisting of at least 2 paragraphs, and you are to write one major paragraph for each of the five sections that you identified in the outline submission- Your introduction and other paragraphs should cite references from your reference list, and your reference list for this submission should include your previous references and at least another 5 references which are relevant to the topic allocated- So your reference list should contain at least 10 references at this stage- All references must be in Harvard format including the in-text citations- For each reference you must include a link to the full text of the reference- This link must be working and cannot be to just an abstract and title, or only a section of the paper you are referencing- This must be a direct link, we will not follow multiple links trying to find the paper- Attachment:- Database Systems-rar

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