Development of the website prototype using HTML code, based

Assignment Detail:- INT1012 Introduction to Web Completed Website Assessment PurposeThe purpose of this task is to complete the development process of the prototype website you developed in Assignment 3- The task requires you to apply flexboxes and responsiveness to the website prototype, and create a finished website based on your web design document- Assessment PartYou are to complete the development of the website prototype using HTML code, based on the design document you submitted for Assessment 2- Your submission will consist of HTML files and one -1- external CSS file- Assessment InstructionsYou need to complete the development of the prototype you started earlier, and produce a final completed website- Your completed website should be produced using HTML code that you produce- This should be done with an appropriate code editor- It should not be copied from another website-Images and text may be sourced from other websites, however, you must reference any items used from external sources using the Harvard referencing style- Place this list in the ‘About' or ‘About us' section of the website- The completed website should:• Contain five -5- pages• Be well structured and use valid HTML code• Include the use of flexboxes• Demonstrate your knowledge of using media queries for responsive design• Be functional on both mobile and desktop• Include basic JavaScript that adds interactive enhancements to at least one -1- web page• Have consistent layout throughout the website• Have effective navigation for desktop and mobile• Use the font-s- and design elements specified in the design document• Contain references for information sourced online- The website should NOT:• Contain lorem ipsum, filler text or random characters• Contain placeholder images that are of no relevance to the website's topic• Be created from templates or code that has been generated automatically by software• Be copied from the work of other students• Be copied from sources other than the ones approved by your teacher- Attachment:- Introduction to Web-rar

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