Development of ASX-Alpha which is a desktop Java

Assignment Detail:- COIT20256 Data Structures and Algorithms - Central Queensland University Objectives The purpose of this assessment item is to assess your skills attributable to the following learning outcomes and your achievement of the expected graduate attributes of advanced level communication, knowledge, cognitive, technical, and creative skills, and self- management-• Design and implement appropriate data structures for application development• Analyse, develop and implement software solutions with the focus on data structures and algorithms• Apply classes, inheritance, polymorphism, and exception handling Assessment taskYour task in this assessment is to analyse the given problem, model, and design the required data structures using UML class diagrams- You will be implementing the software solution, applying efficient algorithms, inheritance, polymorphism, and exception handling- The topics required for this assessment task are from Weeks 1-5- Your Java Application should have an interactive Graphical User Interface -GUI- using JavaFX GUI components- You should also write a report, as specified in this document, demonstrating your conceptual knowledge- You will be required to use the topics learnt in the pre-requisite unit Introduction To Programming- ProblemAn Australian aerospace company has decided to enter the space race- It is setting up a start up company to explore the possibilities of designing and manufacturing space vehicles that can be launched into space and to re-enter earth's atmosphere by using renewable energy- The new start up, Aussie Space Xploration -ASX- is seeking to hire new engineering recruits to carry out the research and development in its new R&D facility that is currently located in Rockhampton- ASX has commenced the recruitment process by advertising for applicants to fill positions for their aerospace, mechanical and electronics engineering departments- The recruitment division will have administration staff to register incoming recruit details- These recruit details are then accessed by the management staff who will assign the applicants to one of the three engineering departments- Due to the popularity of this recruitment drive, the response from recruits from all over Australia and worldwide have been overwhelming- In order to facilitate this recruitment drive and record keeping, ASX has approached you and your team to develop a software to keep track of the registration of each recruit's application and how staff manages these records- At this stage, you and your team only need to develop a prototype- The prototype is called ASX-Alpha- This prototype is to provide a proof-of-concept to allow stakeholders to determine if they should invest a larger sum of money for a more complete software- You will be developing the prototype in two stages- The current prototype, ASX-Alpha, will be a desktop application which will be later updated to a web- based application, ASX-Web -i-e- details in Assignment 2-, enabling online registration to be carried out- In the first stage, ASX-Alpha should have a graphical user interface that enables staff registration, and recruit registration- The collected data will be saved to text files- In the second stage, ASX-Alpha -Assignment 1- will be extended with more functionality and re-designated as ASX-Web -Assignment 2-- ASX-Web should be extended to enable the management staff to login, verify recruit details, and to assign different engineering departments to each recruit- Additional reports should also be generated- The data collected at the initial stage will be loaded and all the data should be recorded in a database- In this Assignment 1, you will be focusing on the first stage development of ASX-Alpha which is a desktop Java application with a GUI- ASX-Alpha should enable three main functions as detailed below- 1- Staff Registrationa- Administration staffAdministration staff will be responsible for collecting and recording the personal details of each recruit, which include, but not limited to recruit's qualification, and date of interview-ASX-Alpha should enable registration of staff details so that they can later login and use the system-The details required of administration staff includes:• Full name• Address• Phone number -should contain 10 digits--• Email address• Username• Password -should be 10 characters long and should contain both capital and small letters--• staffId• Position typeAn administration staff can be full-time, part-time, or volunteer-b- Management staffManagement staff will be responsible for verifying the details of recruits before assigning each recruit to the appropriate engineering department- ASX-Alpha should enable registration of the management staff so that they can login and use the system-In addition to the details as detailed for the administration staff in the above section -a-, excluding the position type, management staff details should also include:• Management levelSenior manager, Mid manager and Supervisor-• BranchManagement staff can be located on Rockhampton, Bundaberg, Cairns or Mackay- 2- Recruit RegistrationRecruit registration is carried out by staff members- Recruits do not have access or interact directly with ASX-Alpha- Only staff members will collect the details of each applicant and register the recruit's information on their behalf- The following details are to be collected by the administration staff and registered into the system:• Full name• Address• Phone number -should contain 10 digits--• Email address• Interview Date -which can be suggested and confirmed-• Highest Qualification level- This should be either Bachelors, Masters or PhD- Only one applies-• The management staff will determine the suitability of each recruit and assign each recruit to one of the engineering department: aerospace, mechanical or electronics- Only one applies-• Location of the engineering department assigned: can be located on Rockhampton, Bundaberg, Cairns or Mackay- 3- Enter and Save DataDuring the staff registration process allow the user to click an appropriate ‘Enter Data Button', for example Enter Admin Staff Details- This should add the entered data to an ArrayList- Include a ‘Save Data Button', for example ‘Save Applicants Submission' to write the entered data to a file- You should save all the Admin Staff and Management Staff data to a file named ‘staff-csv' which is a text file that stores the attribute values separated by commas- You use an overloaded toString-- method to format the attribute values separated by commas- Save all the Recruits' data to a file named ‘recruits-csv'- You can open the files outside of your IDE and ensure that the correct data are saved-During the first run of the program the save method should create the file as the file may not exist- But this should be done after checking that the file does not exist- During the subsequent runs the entered data should be appended to the file so that data already written to the files do not get overwritten and lost- Design GuidelinesYou can use the following guidelines in your modelling and GUI design-Data StructuresYou may follow the class design given below- You should read the specification carefully and design the classes using UML class diagrams and include the attributes with correct data types and all the methods, clearly indicating public or private- Clarify your doubts during the design stage so that your implementation can be less error prone and faster to complete-All classes should have a default constructor, parameterised constructor, copy constructor, accessor mutator -get, set- methods, and properly written toString-- methods- Include other methods as needed- This doesn't apply to the JavaFX classes for the GUI- i- Person classYou can see that many attributes are repeated across Admin staff, Management staff and Recruits- It can be a good design to create an abstract Person class and include the repeated attributes and have associated methods that can be derived in other subclasses-ii- Staff classThis class can be an extension of the Person class to include attributes common to Admin Staff and Management staff- There is no need to create a generic staff object and therefore this can also be an abstract class- This class can have the attributes - e-g- username, password, and staffId-Override the inherited methods as required- Ensure that the source code is re-used and not repeated unnecessarily leading to redundant code-iii- AdminStaffThis class can be derived from the Staff class to include all the attributes of an Admin staff-iv- ManagementStaffThe management staff should have all the required fields inherited from Staff, plus Management Level and Branch-Include appropriate attributes and methods-v- RecruitsThis class can be derived from the Person class and include additional attributes to store any additional fields that you require-Hints and tips:a- Refer to Week 3 Lecture and tutorial solutions, and the Textbook chapter on Polymorphism for the correct implementation of polymorphic behaviour-b- You use the LocalDate class from Java-time-LocalDate for storing dates- Many of the methods from the Date class from Java-util-Date are truncated-vi- DataFile classThis class is for implementing the file operations to open and store the values in the appropriate files named ‘staff-csv' and recruits-csv' The initially stored data from the corresponding ArrayLists should be written to this file-Use specific file handling exceptions for various checked exceptions related to file operations-You are encouraged to use enum type- For example,vii- enum GENDERCreate an enum type GENDER to store male, female and other gender identifying values as constants-viii- enum MANAGEMENT_LEVEL, i-e- Senior manager, Mid manager and Supervisor-And so on for other fields that you can determine to be constants- ix- JavaFX classesThe standard classes required include the main class to create the Stage and launch, the controller to initialize GUI components, handle events, and validate user entries, the -fxml file for the layout design of GUI components, and the -css file for formatting-You can use appropriate filenames for these files- Graphical User Interface The GUI should have the necessary components to enable the user to execute all the functions as provided in Section 2-1 above- You may use the guidelines provided below for your GUI design and implementation- Variations to the provided guidelines are acceptable if it meets the user requirements- Follow the User Interface design guidelines learnt in Week 4 and design the GUI to meet chosen aspects of an easy-to-use user interface that provides informative error messages, and clear instructions- You can have a GUI with multiple tabs for enabling the user to enter and save data of staff, and recruits' data-i- Staff RegistrationUse this tab to enable the user to enter details of Admin Staff or Management Staff- It is better to separate the set of buttons to enter data for the two categories of staff which will be collected in ArrayLists<> and a Save Button to write the entered data to the file-You can use Labels, TextFields, ComboBox or ListView, and Buttons as required- Display error message if the user hasn't entered the Phone number correctly-Display error message if the user hasn't entered the password correctlyii- Recruit RegistrationUse this tab to enable Admin Staff to enter and save details of recruits- This tab also can have the necessary controls to enter username and password by the Admin Staff and Login to enter data-Use appropriate controls such Labels, TextFields, ComboBoxes, Radio Buttons and DatePicker to enable entry of data- 4- ReportYou should submit a report containing the following details- 1- UML class diagrams for the classesNote: UML class diagrams generated using a software tool after completing the coding will not be accepted- 2- Test plan showing input data, expected results, and actual results- Show testing of erroneous entries also- 3- Evidence of testing including screenshots- 4- Write clearly which aspects of the User Interface Design principles you have followed and how did you implement those- Attachment:- Data Structures and Algorithms-rar

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