Development in information technology. For example, you can

Assignment Detail:- Analysis - 850 to 1000 words- Instructions One of the most important things in R&D is the communication of the finding/ outcome- There are several ways of communication of findings and outcomes of research and development in information technology- For example, you can publish the outcome of research and development through journals and conferences- In this task, Question 1- Discuss the roles and differences of the following forms of communication -450- 600 words-:• Peer-reviewed journals and conference publications• Patent• Research repository Question 2- Research metrics are important in measuring the impact of the research work that you communicate to the research community- A range of research metrics are used to assess the performance of publication and also author level- List and explain three typical metrics such as h-index that we use to assess the quality of scientific or technical works -250 - 300 words-- Please note that you are required to provide a complete list of references with your submission and use IEEE referencing style-

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