Developing your Risk Management Plan - Complete the EXCEL's

Assignment Detail:- Project Scope Statement • Your project does not have to be big, but it cannot be routine, everyday work, such as working on Help Desk, assembling PC's, fixing bugs in programs, and so on- You will use this project to produce an RMP -Risk Management Plan- over the next two weeks-• Complete the EXCEL's first tab, Project Scope Statement- Take care to enter information in ALL required fields-• You should identify at least 3 constraints, 3 assumptions, and 3 main risks -Note: In the RMP you will need to develop these to provide at least 8 risks- • Write at least a paragraph -several sentences- for the Project Description and the Business Benefit- Part - Developing your Risk Management Plan• Complete Part 2: On the same template -Project Scope Statement and RMP Template-, fill all fields in third tab ‘RMP'-• In this part, you will develop a Risk Management Plan using your current Assignment 2 EXCEL file from Part 1- • Continue to the 'RMP Tab' -Risk Management Plan- of your MS EXCEL Template-• Complete Part 1: Project Context using the information from your Scope Statement-• NOTE: At no time are you required to change, manipulate or edit any of the Risk Management Template formulae• Make sure to not change any formulae on the excel-: Risk Register - Identify and then analyse at least eight -8- main risks-• Enter all 8 risks into your Part 2 - Risk Register and perform Risk Identification and Qualitative Risk Assessment- NOTE: You will not be performing a Quantitative Risk Assignment on your project-• Complete Part 3: Risk Treatment Plan by working with your supervisor to identify the best most relevant risk treatment types and strategies-

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