Developing the students understanding of the macronutrients

Assignment Detail:- NUTR2001 Human Nutrition Assessment - Part A, Report Plan Learning Outcome 1: Describe and distinguish the complex nature of human digestion with specific reference to macronutrient absorption Learning Outcome 2: Define and discuss the structure of the macronutrients and their biological role in human metabolism Learning Outcome 3: List and recall recommended intakes and dietary sources of the various macronutrients Learning Outcome 4: Demonstrate an understanding of the contributing factors that may lead to states of excess, insufficiency or deficiency of macronutrients Learning Outcome 5: Recognise and interpret signs and symptoms associated with states of excess, insufficiency or deficiency of macronutrients Context: This assessment is aimed at developing the student's understanding of the macronutrients and the role they play in human metabolism- By prescribing this assessment, students are able to develop their understanding of the structure of an academic report, the final of which is to be submitted as Assessment 2 Part B- For this assignment -Part A-, the student will develop a draft for the final report, focusing on report structure and content outline- • The draft plan clearly defines the focus of the report, to express their ideas in a clear and logical manner, preparing for the final report product-• The draft plan outlines the structure of an academic report, specific to the macronutrients, in order to develop their academic writing skills-• The draft plan provides some examples of research to be utilised in the final report product, to develop their skills in sourcing and identifying reliable and credible information- Instructions:Students are to discuss all of the macronutrients and construct a draft for an academic report on these macronutrients; The Role of Macronutrients in Health-For this assessment, students should be including the following features:• The macronutrients to be discussed including brief description• The overall structure of the report, including all headings and sub-headings• A minimum of three -3- resources which will be used in the final report Macronutrients:• Protein• Carbohydrates• Lipids The final report -Assessment 2 Part B- is due for submission at the end of Module 5-2 -week10- and should include the following:• The composition of the macronutrients• The biological functions• Dietary sources• Recommended Daily Intake -RDI-• Factors contributing to states of excess • Factors contributing to states of insufficiency and deficiency• Signs and symptoms Information may be sourced from primary, secondary and tertiary sources:• Primary sources: original research articles, systematic reviews and meta-analysis from high quality journals, peer reviewed journals-• Secondary sources: general review articles, summaries, abstracts of primary source articles-• Tertiary sources: recognised, authoritative textbooksReferencing: It is essential that you use appropriate APA style Attachment:- Human Nutrition-rar

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