Developing business promotion plans - Develop and review

Assignment Detail:- Part - Developing business promotion plans George and Mildred now require you to write two -2- promotional plans- The promotional plans can be on any aspect of the business -new clients, new products, new services etc--- Part Question 1 The layout and content of each plan should address the following:• Research and identify target markets-• Obtain market research data -or make assumptions- and identify key market data for the plan- This can include, for example, customer demographics, product types -i-e- census data if available-, marketing media data -i-e- social media--• Conduct a competitor analysis- Identify your major competitors -at least two -2--, with a competitor analysis developed for each competitor-• Develop and review the business' market position based on the research and competitor analysis-• Develop the business brand and the benefits your business can offer-• Identify the business' products and/or services using a combination of research and your own personal experience• Establish the objectives and targets of the promotion-• Develop and select the appropriate promotional tools- Part Question 2 In the tables below, outline the tasks, steps, resources, personnel and timelines required to develop and implement the promotional plan- Part Question 3 You are required to monitor the progress of thepromotionalplans- Complete the tables below to demonstrate how you will monitor your promotional plan over a period of time- Depending on the type of activity and how it is measured, an average may not be applicable- If not applicable, input N/A in the Average column- Part Question 4You will need to assume that certain aspects of your promotional plan require an adjustment- For example, ‘consistency of posts to social media not being maintained'- To make adjustments to the promotional plan, complete the tables attached- Attachment:- Business promotion plans-rar

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