Developing and nurturing relationships with clients,

Assignment Detail:- Business management skills Part - Developing and nurturing relationships with clients, otherprofessionals and third-party referrers George and Mildred require you to write two -2-growth plans- • The first growth plan will outline how you will strengthen the strategic relationships you already have with a number of real estate agents, accountant and legal firms-• The second growth plan will outline how you will identify and foster new relationships with other real estate agents, accountants and legal firms The layout and content of each plan should address the following:• Identify the business objectives and needs-• Capital City Finance and Mortgage Brokers -CCF & MB-does not have a vision statement- You will need to create one- -In the first growth plan you will outline how you developed, reviewed and finalised the vision statement--• Outline the policies and procedures that are essential for the growth plan to be functional, effective and meet legislative requirements-• Conduct sufficient market research to identify key relationship opportunities and what will be required to maintain and attract relationships-• Outline how you could use and cooperate with other professionals and third parties to expand and enhance the reputation of the organisation-• Segment the relationships and tailor the plan for each-• Clearly identify the priorities for each relationship based on the overall vision and objectives of the business-• Set appropriate growth targets-• Develop an action plan to achieve the growth targets-• Review existing business work activities and confirm they support the business growth plans-• Outline who will need to be consulted during implementation of your plan-• Outline how you will monitor and adjust the plan- You can use a suitable template that you are familiar with or have found on the internet or you can utilise the template provided below- When completing this task, assumptions are permitted, although they must not be in conflict with the information provided in the background information- -1,000 words- Attachment:- Developing and nurturing relationships-rar

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