Developing a retail management system as in Assignment 1

Assignment Detail:- COSC2531 Programming Fundamentals - Rmit University 1- OverviewThe main objective of this assignment is to familiarize you with object-oriented design and programming- Object-oriented programming helps to solve complex problems by coming up with a number of domain classes and associations- However, identifying meaningful classes and interactions requires a fair amount of design experience- Such experience cannot be gained by classroom-based teaching alone but must be gained through project experience- This assignment is designed to introduce different concepts such as inheritance, abstract classes, method overloading, method overriding, and polymorphism- You should develop this assignment in an iterative fashion -as opposed to completing it in one sitting-- You can and should get started now -when this assignment specification is posted on Canvas- as there are concepts from previous lessons that you can employ to do this assignment-If there are questions, you can ask via the lectorial, practical sessions or the Canvas discussion forum -Canvas/Discussions/Discussion on Assessment 2-- Note that the Canvas discussion forum is preferable as it allows other students to see your questions as well- Also, you should ask questions in a general manner, for example, you should replicate your problem in a different context in isolation before posting, and you must not post your code on the Canvas discussion forum- Assessment CriteriaThis assignment will determine your ability to:i- Follow coding, convention and behavioural requirements provided in this document and in the course lessons; ii- Independently solve a problem by using programming concepts taught over the duration of the course;iii- Write and debug Python code independently;iv- Document code;v- Provide references where due;vi- Meet deadlines;vii- Seek clarification from your "supervisor" -instructor- when needed via the Canvas discussion forums; andviii- Create a program by recalling concepts taught in class, understand and apply concepts relevant to solution, analyse components of the problem, evaluate different approaches- Learning Outcome 1: Analyse simple computing problems-Learning Outcome 2: Devise suitable algorithmic solutions and code these algorithmic solutions in a computer programming language-Learning Outcome 3: Develop maintainable and reusable solutions-Specifically, upon the completion of this assignment, you will be able to:- Demonstrate knowledge of basic concepts, syntax and control structures in programming- Devise solutions for simple computing problems under specific requirements- Encode the devised solutions into computer programs and test the programs on a computer- Demonstrate understanding of standard coding conventions and ethical considerations in programming Assessment Details Please ensure that you have read Sections 1-3 of this document before going further Problem Overview: In this assignment, you are developing a retail management system as in Assignment 1 using the object-oriented paradigm- Same as in Assignment 1, this retail management system is for a department store- The cashiers or the store manager of the department store are the ones that use this system to process customers' purchases- You are required to implement the program following the below requirements- Note the requirements in this assignment maybe more complex compared to those in Assignment 1- Also, we will provide you with some sample -txt files -download on Canvas-, but you should change the data in these files to test your program as during the marking, we will use different text files to test your program- Requirements: Your code must meet the following functionalities, code and documentation requirements- Your submission will be graded based on the rubric published on Canvas- Please ensure you read all the requirements and the rubric carefully before working on your assignment- A - Functionalities Requirements:There are 4 levels, please ensure you only attempt one level after completing the previous level- Attachment:- Programming Fundamentals-rar

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