Developing a Project Budget and Potential Income &

Assignment Detail:- NBC3004 Construction Economics - Victoria University Economic Feasibility Study Project Project: Development of A New Leisure & Community Centre Introduction: Your group has been appointed as Construction Economist by The Proprietary Very Limited Corporation -PVLC- to carry out development and feasibility analyses of the proposed DEVELOPMENT OF A NEW LEISURE & COMMUNITY CENTRE, and to provide a commercial justification to PVLC for the development of this property- The Client own the land -approx- 120 m long by 90m width -108,000 Sq- meters-- provided in with an approved budget of $18 million only for the Centre- As the Construction Economist Team of the project, you are requested to submit a Financial Feasibility Study for this development- Each team must develop a feasibility plan to manage the activities required to deliver the centre- Stage 1: Develop Project Proposal or Scope Stage 2: Conduct Economic Assessment Stage 3: Preparing Final Report and Presentation to the Client- The tasks required include:• Develop a scope of this project• Develop a Stakeholder register for this project-• Developing a Project Budget & Potential Income & Expenditure Estimates for the delivery of the centre and ensuring that the owner can provide the funds and are committed to funding the project• Develop procedures and documentation for obtaining planning permits and approvals from the relevant authorities-• Develop a Project Plan or Schedule -Using MS Project 2013/16- by identifying the major tasks around 10 to 15 activities from inception to completion and handover of this development-• Develop a risk register at the project level Cost Estimating:At this stage the costing based on concept plan only -Stage "A" Costing- Each team must obtain the costs for carrying out each activity- Use Cordell's Estimating Guide OR Rawlinson's Estimating Handbook for reference Attachment:- Construction Economic-rar

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