Develop your understanding of how intercultural and diverse

Assignment Detail:- BIZ102 Understanding People and Organisations Assessment - Reflective Report Learning Outcome 1: Explain the importance of self- awareness and emotional intelligence, and analyse their impact on professional competencies Learning Outcome 2: Integrate strategies to effectively interact with others in a diverse professional context Learning Outcome 3: Identify and reflect on own strengths and their application in the business context Learning Outcome 4: Reflect on feedback to identify opportunities for self-improvement and professional development Context In the dynamic 21st century economy where mobility is often not only possible but also integral to a successful career, being able to work in an intercultural and diverse environment is essential- Organisations frequently need their people to develop their capacity to work effectively in diverse teams and resolve or diffuse conflicts and miscommunication quickly and efficiently- The keys to your ability to work effectively in intercultural and diverse teams are the development of emotional intelligence and awareness of cultural differences- Emotional intelligence enables conscious examination of group and team dynamics in real time to facilitate effective individual and team performance- This assessment aims to develop your understanding of how intercultural and diverse teams function, and how you can use this knowledge to help them develop into high performing teams- Instructions The assessment requires the completion of an individual reflective report- You will analyse the expected strengths and weaknesses of your group, then as a group will choose, conduct and document a team-building activity- Each member of the group will then reflect on their own contribution to the group, and how this may be improved- Finally, each student will prepare an Individual reflective report based on the experience- Steps: Part A: Selecting your teamOnce your Group is formed, share your individual results with all group members for:1- Emotional Intelligence -EQ- from Module 22- Top 5 Gallup Talents from Module 3, including the Leadership Domains3- Do a Hofstede Country Comparison analysis using the group members' countries of origin or identity from Module4- Diversity and VUCA skills identified in Module 4- Part B: Analysing Your Team BIZ102 results5- Using information from Part A, discuss why you think this group of students has the potential to form an effective work group-6- Using information from Part A, discuss anticipate possible reasons that the group will not work effectively or have potential areas of conflict- Part C: Team-Building -Group7- As a group, design or choose a 25-30 minute team-building activity to increase the effectiveness of your team- Explain why you think this activity will increase the effectiveness of your team- Remember that this is a team building activity - not a "getting to know you" session- An ice-breaker session can be conducted prior to this team activity-8- Conduct the team-building activity as a group, documenting the experience using video or moving screen-capture technology, such as Zoom- All team member faces and names need to be visible- Part D: Analysis and Reflection Your individual write-up for Assessment 4 is a Reflective Report - which means it should be in first person -using I, me & the names for your group members- and in a formal business report format, including appropriate headings for each section- 9- Describe your team-building activity in one sentence-10- Discuss the dynamics and roles you have observed within the team through the lens of the EQ, Gallup Strengths, culture, diversity and VUCA skills of your team members-11- Did the team behave as you predicted from Part B????12- Consider Tuckman's Model from Module 5 - discuss how your group went through the stages of Forming, Storming, Norming & Performing-13- What have you learnt about your capacity to contribute effectively to a team????14- Provide recommendations regarding how you could further improve yourcontribution to this team or a team in the future15- In the appendices of your report include the following:• Individual team member information from Part A• records of team communication• video or screenshots of all team members participating in the team-building activity- Part E: Peer ReviewComplete and submit the Peer Review form for each member of your group -including if they did not participate-- The Learning Facilitator will use this to allocate individual marks for contributions to the group work- General requirementsYour report should:• Be presented in a formal business report format-• Include an Executive Summary -not included in the word count-, formal introduction -where you state the purpose of the report- and logical headings and sub-headings that generally match the instructions and steps in this Brief-• Identify theoretical concepts from Modules 1-5 that support your reflection-• Include at least five references from the sources in the Modules for BIZ102 that present the theoretical concepts identified, to support your ideas- Attachment:- Reflective Report-rar Rated 4.8 / 5 based on 22789 reviews.

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