Develop your ability to outline the types of information,

Assignment Detail:- BIZ101A Business Communications - Torrens University Australia Assessment - Report Outline and Source Analysis Learning Outcome 1: Demonstrate academic skills appropriate to the level of study-Learning Outcome 2: Demonstrate research skills and referencing appropriate to the level of study-Learning Outcome 3: Evaluate the use and importance of technology in presenting business communication Context:Report writing is an important academic and business skill; and you will develop your ability to outline the types of information, sections and layout included in professional reports- Researching credible and reliable sources relates to the ability to develop new business ideas and concepts for creating different perspectives on organizational change- For this task, you will not only present your ideas in a report format but to evaluate a range of resources, both academic and non-academic for your chosen topic- Instructions:Writing assessments 2A, 2B and 3 for this subject relate to the task of implementing a digital communication strategy in an actual organization to solve a communication problem- Your chosen organisation can relate to the discipline of your study, e-g- Event Management, Hospitality or Culinary Management, Tourism Management, Business, Information Systems, Commerce, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Sports Management-Please refer to the Part Instructions for details on how to complete this task- Topics:Choose one of the topics below for your assignments 2A, 2B and 3 to fix the organisation'scommunication issues:A- Using Social Media in the workplace to communicate internally with staffB- Boosting workplace motivation through innovative digital communication toolsC- Implementing instant messaging/group messaging, discussion forums and chatrooms in the workplaceD- Podcasts, internal blogs/vlogs to communicate with employees orE- Using an internal intranet/social Intranet for employee interaction- Structure of assessment 2A: Cover Page - Includes the assessment title, your chosen topic, student name and ID, subject name and code, lecturer's name, submission date, word count- Be creative while making your cover page by including an image and a citation with your image which needs to be added to the reference list, too- Assessment Part 1- Report Outline - 200 words -+/- 10%- for the whole outline-The Report Outline is a plan of the report you will write for Assessment 2B- The report outline tells the reader what to expect from the different sections of a report- Introduction -outline only-• Explain the purpose of an introduction-• Provide context for the report you will write- It is expected that you write a brief introduction of the business and background on the organizational issue/s relating to internal communication-• State the purpose of the report you will write in assessment task 2B, e-g- include a purposestatement such as "The report will and discuss---"-• Outline the information you will include in the introduction of report 2B -don't write it yet-, your chosen topic, and the intended audience -who will read the report???? who is the information intended for????- Body - Source analysis -see the next page for Part 2- Conclusion -outline only-Explain the purpose of a conclusion and what questions will be answered in the conclusion of thereport but don't provide the answers yet - that is for assessment task 2B- Recommendations -outline only-Explain the purpose of the recommendations section and what broad factors for implementation will be included - broad ideas only, don't write your recommendations, yet- Assessment Part 2- Source Analysis - 200 words per source analysis -+/- 10%- - body of the report-The Source Analysis needs to include two academic and two non-academic sources that relate to your chosen topic that will be useful for writing the Assessment 2B report- The two academic sources can be articles from academic journals, published reliable reports or academic books- The other two sources can come from reliable media sites, books, online magazines, websites, YouTube videos, podcasts or TED Talks- Apply the Five Tests of Reliability to each source as per your modules-For each of your four sources, provide the following information separately:1- The full name of the source - Include the full reference details as you would in the reference list2- Type of source - E-g- website, journal article or video3- A brief summary with an in-text citation for each source - Make sure to summarise from the whole article/ text/ video or other source you have used- You will need to paraphrase to do so and cite where relevant-4- Evaluate the reliability of each source by applying the Five Reliability Tests using:i- Authorityii- Audienceiii- Transparencyiv- Objectivityv- Currency5- A justification about why the source is relevant to the chosen topic of your report- ReferencingProvide one reference list for both tasks and include references of all four sources plus the image on the cover page as a minimum using the TUA APA referencing style ensuring the list is in alphabetical order- Attachment:- Business Communications-rar

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