Develop the understanding of constructing effective data

Assignment Detail:- BUS5VA Visual Analytics - La Trobe University Data visualisation using Python Purpose: This assessment aims to develop the understanding of constructing effective data visualisation by using the Python language- Details: There are two -2- tasks in this assignment; each is worth 20 marks- Marks will be allocated for: - Colab notebook-s- that contain all relevant code -including package importing- and run without errors- If a code cell cannot be run, related tasks or subtasks will not be marked- - Visualisation descriptions that are clear and concise; make reference to the relevant visual elements used -e-g- chart type, colour, size, shape, etc--; and visualisation techniques -e-g- informative titles, highlighting, annotating, faceting, etc-- - Visualisations that are able to effectively convey information using appropriate techniques- - You can generate more than one visualisation for each subtask if you think they are needed to fully address the subtask-

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