Develop the professional skills and knowledge required to

Assignment Detail:- HI6036 IS Strategy and Innovation - Holmes Institute Class Facilitation Purpose: 1- Develop the professional skills and knowledge required to understand and lead innovation in a corporate environment- 2- Communicate effectively to a range of stakeholders the Information Systems strategic planning principles, concepts and their application- Assignment Description: Each week selected students will lead and facilitate discussions related to the selected readings- During the first class of semester, each student will be assigned a reading topic that they will facilitate during tutorial- Prior to the session, each student needs to identify and prepare a list of key points and/or concepts relevant to the readings that they can use to initiate discussion with the tutorial group and submit it as the PowerPoint file in the BB- At the end of the discussion session, the facilitator will give a summary of the ideas or points covered in the discussion and identified by the participants- Therefore, participation in the tutorials is important for the other students and there is mark for attending the tutorials- The major challenge associated with this assessment involves being a facilitator and leading discussion amongst students- All students should search for techniques that demonstrate how to act as a facilitator so as to promote group interaction, dynamics and discussion- There are many techniques that can be used- students should adopt one or even a combination of several to assist them in performing this role- Assessment: - List of key points and/or concepts: Prior to the session, students should prepare and upload a list of issues and/or concepts in the Blackboard-- Class facilitation: During the session, students will lead and facilitate discussions related to the selected readings- - Tutorial attendance and active participation: Every session, students should attend the tutorial and have active participation in to those students who are facilitating -asking at least 4 questions or participate in the discussions overall the teaching period-- Article - On the definition and prioritization of strategies and actions to minimize greenhouse gas emissions in cities: An actor- oriented approach by M Balouktsi, T Lützkendorf Attachment:- IS Strategy and Innovation-rar

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