Develop simple web pages using and demonstrating basic

Assignment Detail:- ICT101 Introduction to Internet and Web Development Assessment - Individual project work Overview In this assessment, you will first read and understand a case study on the development of a website that serves as a marketplace for second-hand products- In this assessment, you will focus on frontend development- In particular, you will be addressing the architecture design of the website and developing a prototype for the website in the case study- Then, you will demonstrate your HTML and CSS programming skills and apply them in this close-to-real-life web development project- Learning Outcome 1: develop simple web pages using and demonstrating basic aspects of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript; Learning Outcome 2: Design effective and user-friendly simple web pages, embracing usability principles and adhering to style guides; Assessment Parts Part 1:Draw a website prototype for the website in the case study- You must NOT use HTML/CSS/JavaScript to build a website in task 1- You must draw the prototype on sheets of paper- The website prototype should comprehensively include functional requirements described in the case study- The prototype should include as three webpages to depict the view of suppliers, consumers, and website administrators- You are encouraged to use the various techniques to design your website as introduced in week 1- You may also use other techniques that you may think appropriate- Part 2:You are now to develop a comprehensive frontend for the website in the case study using HTML5 and CSS3- The frontend must comprehensively include all the functional requirements described in the case study and your prototype in task 1- There is NO minimum HTML page requirement nor maximum HMTL page requirement- Please note that we don't expect you to develop a real and complete website for the case study- However, you should try your best to utilise the web development skills that you learned in this subject for this project- Specifically, you will be evaluated in the below areas- Please read the marking rubric for further information-• Overall webpage layout and styling• Completeness and relevance• Web form design• Coding convention and quality of code Attachment:- Individual project work-rar

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