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Assignment Detail:- SITXCCS008 Develop and manage quality customer service practices Purpose - This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to develop, monitor and adjust customer service practices- It requires the ability to consult with colleagues and customers, develop policies and procedures for quality service provision, and manage the delivery of customer service- The unit applies to senior managers who operate independently, have responsibility for others and are responsible for making a range of operational and strategic decisions- This includes individuals working in a range of tourism, travel, hospitality and event contexts and to any small, medium or large organisation- 1- Develop quality customer service practices2- Manage delivery of quality service3- Monitor and adjust customer service #1- Define customer service and list the key steps to delivering quality customer service- -40-50 words- #2- Briefly describe five common principles of customer service- #3- What is expected of front of house staff in relation to personal presentation???? List at list five specifications- #4- When a customer walks into a restaurant, what four attitudes and four attributes do they expect from front of house staff in relation to customer service???? #5- Describe the roles and responsibilities of managers in the provision of quality customer service, in about 50-60 words- #6- Describe the roles and responsibilities of supervisors and operational personnel in providing quality service, in about 50-60 words- #7- Identify any three sources of information on current service trends and changes that affect service delivery in the hospitality industry- #8- Give an example of how each of the following internal and external environmental changes affects the planning for quality customer service- #9- Match the descriptions of formal and informal customer research to the correct type of research method from the box below-Feedback from service delivery colleagues ; Quantitative research ; Customer service surveys ; Asking probing questions for customer service ; Qualitative research ; Customer focus groups #10- What are three ways of obtaining information for analysis of competitive environment???? #11- Mention two ways in which staff can be involved in the planning of improved customer services practices- Why is this important???? -Answer both the parts of this question- #12- List eight inclusions in policies and procedures a business must have in place relate to customer service provision- #13- How can you communicate service standards and guarantees to staff???? List four ways- #14- Briefly explain the process of evaluation of customer and staff feedback on quality service provision- Your response should not exceed 50-60 words- #15- Explain briefly how examining the following can help assess the effectiveness of customer service practices- #16- Briefly describe any three methods a business can use to monitor the ongoing effectiveness of staff in meeting customer service standard- #17- Give any two reasons why customer service policies and procedures should be monitored and reviewed regularly- #18- In what ways does reviewing numbers and nature of complaints, disputes and responses of customers help in monitoring customer service provision???? Explain any three ways- #19- Explain what is the Customer Satisfaction Score -CSAT- and how it is used to assess the effectiveness of customer service practices???? -Answer both the parts of this question- -100-150 words- #20- Write a brief note on Customer Perceived Value -CPV-- -in 30-50 words- #21- Describe methods of obtaining feedback from internal and external customers- You must mention two each- #22- What is the role of industry accreditation schemes???? Describe three industry accreditation schemes- #23- What is a code of conduct and what is the purpose of following an industry code of conduct???? Answer in about 80 words- #24- Name and briefly describe one mandatory industry code applicable to the hospitality industry- #25- Briefly describe Australian Consumer Law in about 80 words- #26- What role does the ACCC perform???? #27- Write brief notes on a hospitality business' responsibility under the Australian Consumer Law for each of the following:• Nominating and charging cancellation fees• Providing information about pricing• Providing refunds• Describing products correctly #28- Explain why an organisation should have standard formats for policies related to customer service, in about 50 words- #29- How do the following organisational policies and procedures assist in ensuring quality customer service???? SITXGLC001 - Research and comply with regulatory requirements Purpose: This document represents the main assessment instrument for the unit of competency SITXGLC001 - Research and comply with regulatory requirements This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to comply with laws and licensing requirements for specific business operations- It requires the ability to access and interpret regulatory information, determine scope of compliance, and develop, implement and continuously review and update policies and practices for business compliance- 1- Research information required for legal compliance-2- Develop and communicate policies and procedures for legal compliance-3- Ensure compliance with legal requirements-4- Maintain personal and organisational knowledge of regulatory requirements- #1- Outline the legal responsibilities and liabilities of managers and directors in the following business structures in about 20-30 words each:a- Sole traderb- Companyc- Partnership #2- Briefly describe the following sources of information for regulatory compliance in the hospitality industry- The first one has been done for you as an example- Source                                                                                                            DescriptionLocal, state, territory or commonwealth government departments or regulatory agencies Reference books Media Industry journals Internet Computer data Legal experts/ Lawyers Discussion with industry personnel #3-Complete the table below with the name, functions and applicable legislations/regulations of the regulatory authorities in your state for the following areas: AreaName of Regulatory AuthorityFunctions -any two-Legislation/ Regulation -any two- Gambling and Liquor Food Safety Work Safety Environmental Protection #4- Briefly describe three methods you can use to receive updated information on laws and licensing requirements- #5- Describe the difference between policies and procedures and explain how together they help an organisation manage its regulatory compliance- Your response should be in no more than 100 words- #6- List and briefly describe at least five -5- inclusions in a policy document- #7- Briefly describe the following: Employer Superannuation Contributions Workers' Compensation Provisions for Injury Reporting Provisions for Occupational Rehabilitation Workplace Relations 3 types of contracts used in hospitality Goods and services tax -GST- Principle of ‘duty of care'- Public Liability The 10 National Employment Standards -NES- under the Fair Work Act 2009 Provisions For Environmental Hazard Identification, Use Of Minimal Impact Practices And Reporting Of Incidents Summary of Work Health And Safety Act 2011-including description and responsibilities on various parties- Legal responsibilities of organisations under the Environmental law towards local Community Protection, penalties of breaches and notification requirements #8- Briefly describe the following types of insurances required by a business-a- Public Liability: b- Professional Indemnity: c- Property in Transit: d- Workers Compensation: e- Business Interruption: Attachment:- Develop and manage quality customer service practices-rar

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