Develop procurement action plan. Include notes explaining

Assignment Detail:- BSBMGT402 Implement operational plan Assessment Part: 1- Examine the scenario, tasks and supporting documents provided-2- Prepare to role-play interviews and agree on a time with your assessor- You will need to prepare to interview candidates by developing:a- tools for assessment of candidateb- list of questions dealing with each desired skill/attributec- plan for interview-3- Role-play interviews- Follow organisational procedures for conducting interviews4- -Part B- In accordance with operational plans and policies and procedures, develop procurement action plan- Include notes explaining how activities in plan cover 15 principles in organisational policies and procedures- Include consultative activities and how the recruitment activities would be implemented--5- To fulfil an aspect of implementation, complete expenditure payment approval form for approval-6- Submit all documents required in the deliverables to your assessor- Ensure you keep a copy of all work submitted for your records- In response to the scenario provided, the student will consider a role required to be filled, plan and conduct interviews- The student will then plan the procurement of a resource and complete a purchase approval process in accordance with organisational policy and procedures-Ensure you familiarise yourself with the Assessment Part and role below- Interview role-play 1• You have five years forklift driving experience in warehouses-• You have reasonable literacy-• You are enthusiastic about learning and would like to develop your leadership skills-• You have a current first aid certificate from St John's Ambulance-• You are a highly active member of the communist workers party -you may volunteer this information as assessment candidate should not ask questions to require this kind of answer--• You are not great at solving problems and work best in roles that don't require an extreme degree of flexibility-• You enjoy marathon running-• You dislike team sports-• You are nice enough but no one would consider you to be the life of the party- Interview role-play 2• You have one year forklift driving experience-• You have an MBA from Sydney University-• You have designed an ERM for a business as part of your private consultancy business-• You are an exceptional leader and manager of teams-• You are the captain and coach of the local hockey team-• You are kind honest and helpful -as all your friends can attest--• You are a highly skilled mechanic-• You have a current first aid certificate from St John's Ambulance-• You are working towards a second Masters degree, in financial planning-• You are most of the way through your course to obtain a forklift drivers licence-• You have a truck driver's licence- Scenario: StorPlus Pty Ltd StorPlus consists of three large supermarket distribution warehouses, which supply over 50 small to medium sized independent supermarkets and convenience stores throughout southeast Queensland-StorPlus warehouses trade 7 days from 5 am to 5 pm- Each warehouse comprises a customer car park, delivery dock, dispatch dock, warehouse dry goods area, frozen goods area, five checkouts and an office complex and staff room- The business wholesale supermarket lines including dry food products, chemical cleaners, refrigerated foods, fresh and frozen produce, cigarettes, alcohol, etc-The business uses a computerised resource management, distribution and point-of-sale system to monitor and control stock levels at each of three warehouses -Brisbane, Gold Coast and Caboolture-- The main warehouse in Brisbane has an attached office space that accommodates senior management and head office administration staff-Each warehouse employs approximately 20-30 people- Typically, the workforce of each warehouse comprises the following:• one warehouse business manager• picking and packing team, including manual loaders and unloaders, forklift drivers, etc-• distribution team, including drivers• checkout team-Each team has one team leader- Payroll and accounting functions are managed at the Brisbane head office- Part AIt is the beginning of the 2016/2017financial year- You are the warehouse business manager for the Caboolture warehouse- In order to implement operational plans, you will need to recruit three pickers and packers for the picking and packing team-Attributes are prioritised by number -* deemed essential-You will need to prepare to interview candidates by developing:• tools for assessment of candidate• list of questions dealing with each attribute• plan for interview-You will then need to conduct two interviews of 3-5 minutes each -role-play with your assessor- in order to be able to use assessment tool to assess candidate- Follow organisational procedures for conducting interviews- Part BYou are required to resource two 15m3, 3 pallet capacity freezer trucks- You will need to:• Develop an implementation action plan containing activities indented to cover organisational policies and procedures- Include notes briefly explaining how activities in plan cover all 15 principles contained in policies and procedures- Include consultative activities-Brisbane Commercial Motors submitted a successful quote of $135,000 -including GST- for the two trucks including all on-road costs and servicing for three years- The project name is Caboolture Distribution; the job number is C001; payment is to be made by cheque- You will need to:• Submit a completed expenditure payment approval form for approval-  

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