Develop critical and creative thinking skills in the

Assignment Detail:- BSBCRT511 Develop critical thinking in others Part - Monitor and improve thinking practices You have been engaged as a consultant by MMI Professional Education to support the development of critical thinking skills in departmental managers- You are required to: 1- Analyse and evaluate critical and creative thinking in the organisation2- Establish an environment that encourages critical and creative thinking in the organisation3- Monitor and improve thinking practices o Analyse, evaluate and provide recommendations about the scenarios provided Complete the following activities: Part 1 Monitor and improve thinking practices Assume that you are now three months into implementing initiatives to develop critical and creative thinking skills in the management team-The following scenarios occurred: SCENARIO AThe CEO informs you that the Marketing Manager submitted an issue report about a seminar for education agents that his team is organising- The CEO is disappointed by how the Marketing Manager is handling the issue because he is not proposing any innovative solution: ‘He is simply not going to use the show bags- What are we going to do with 500 show bags made specifically for this event????' he says- You have received the following feedback about the Marketing Manager:• Works long hours and starts working again very early in the morning• Low productivity• His team does not feel supported• He does not consider process improvement a priority• The marketing team is not involved in the decision-making• The Marketing Manager is jovial and engaged when working with the other departmental manager SCENARIO B You have followed the organisational policy and procedures and introduced the departmental managers and their teams to the training programs listed below You collected the following feedback: • 1-Online induction for newly appointed team membersFeedback: The online induction is well structured; however, it is generic- It does not address the specific needs of the individual teams- • 2- Engaged guest speakers to meet with the teams every two months to address different topics such as:o Design Thinkingo Decision-Makingo Communicate effectivelyo Active listeningFeedback: Participation in these events is low -45%- because teams prefer to stay back and work on their daily tasks- • 3- Monthly ‘Think Tank' meeting with the departmental managers, CEO, and the CFO to discuss issues and improvements-Feedback: The initiative has been successful; however, it runsfor too long -3 hours rather than 2 hours-- • 4- Established a reward program with a budget of $1,000/months to reward the best team -criteria: adherence to policies and procedures, the achievement of monthly milestones, meet budget, have the lowest number of issues reported--Feedback:Teams welcomed the initiative; however, they think that the criteria do not reward teams that succeeded against challenging circumstancesby applying critical and creative thinking skills- Develop a report -Template 1- in the form of personal notes to evaluate the two scenarios, determine lessons learned and provide recommendations for improvement--150-200 words in total- Attachment:- Develop critical thinking-rar

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