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Assignment Detail:- MITS5501 Software Quality, Change Management and Testing Case Study Assignment In this assignment students will work in small groups to develop components of the Quality Assurance documents discussed in lectures- Student groups should be formed by Session four- Each group needs to complete the group participation form attached to the end of this document- Carefully read the associated CASE STUDY for this assignment contained in the document MITS5501-CaseStudy-doc From this Case Study you are to prepare the following documents:1- Quality Assurance Plan2- Test Plan3- Test Cases -9 per group-4- Project Scope Statement5- Perform a Test Effort Estimation -include Tables and calculations used-6- Test Strategy Document7- Project Completion Checklist Investment Management SystemPurpose The Investment Management System -IMS- is intended to help the user keep account of their money invested in institutions such as Banks and Share Market- This document is meant to delineate the features of IMS, so as to serve as a guide to the developers on one hand and a software validation document for the prospective client on the other- Scope: We describe what features are in the scope of the software and what are not in the scope of the software to be developed- In Scope:a- Managing investment of a single user, which would include maintaining bookkeeping information about entities like Portfolio, Security, and Transaction-b- Computation of Net-Worth and Rate of Investment -ROI- of the Investor-c- Giving alerts to the user, if he requests for one-d- Downloading the current prices of shares from the web-e- User authentication- Out of Scope:a- Features for actual purchasing and selling of securities- That is, actually buying and selling of shares/securities is done outside IMS-b- Tax computations for gains/losses-c- Any market related prediction- Overview: The rest of this SRS is organized as follows: Section 2 gives an overall description of the software- It gives what level of proficiency is expected of the user, some general constraints while making the software and some assumptions and dependencies that are assumed- Section 3 gives specific requirements which the software is expected to deliver- Functional requirements are given by various use cases- Some performance requirements and design constraints are also given- Section 4 gives some possible future extensions of the system- Finally, the appendices in Section 5 describe respectively the formula for ROI calculation for shares and user screen- Product Perspective: IMS is aimed toward a person who has considerable number of investments in stock market and banks, and so needs software assistance for book keeping and computations regarding the investments- IMS should be user-friendly, ‘quick to learn' and reliable software for the above purpose- IMS is intended to be a stand-alone product and should not depend on the availability of other software- It should run on both UNIX and Windows based platform- Attachment:- Change Management and Testing-rar

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