Develop basic data-analysis skills to Investigate real-life

Assignment Detail:- Learning Outcome 1: Apply concepts of descriptive statistics to real life data and Interpret the resultsLearning Outcome 2: Apply probability theory In business and financial decision-makingLearning Outcome 3: Conduct hypothesis tests and linear regression to aid decision-makingLearning Outcome 4: Communicate data-analysis work effectively to a wide range of audienceLearning Outcome 5: Present data-analysis work in a professional manner You will develop basic data-analysis skills to Investigate real-life problems in business and fiance- You will focus on basic concepts in statistics and probability theory, methods of statistical Inference, measures of linear relationship between variables Including linear regression analysis- There is a strongemphasis on the applicadon of these techniques to practical problems In business and finance using Microsoft Excel- The contents of the subject are in line with the Chartered Financial Analyst -CFA- quantitative analysis curriculum- Successful compledon of this subject wiN lay a solid foundation for the further study of data analysis In business and finance-

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