Develop and maintain own personal and professional

Assignment Detail:- BSBPEF501 Manage Personal And Professional Development Section: Develop and maintain own personal and professional competence1 Describe your role and responsibilities-1-1 What is your role/position within the team????1-2 How does your role contribute to the broader organisational goals -selected to focus on in Section 1-????1-3 What are your responsibilities -list at least three-???? 2 Seek feedback on your own personal and professional development-2-1 Who can provide you with feedback about your development needs -at least one person-????2-2 Which questioning and listening techniques will you use to seek and receive feedback????2-3 If not already viewed in person by your assessor, attach proof of the feedback -e-g-, video of a meeting with your superior- to this section of your portfolio- 3 Plan your own personal and professional development-3-1 For your assumed role in this assessment, what are your goals, plans and activities -name at least two-????3-2 How do your goals align with the organisational goals????3-3 Which competency standards apply to your performance -name at least three-????3-4 How will your performance be measured????3-5 Which performance development opportunities will help you realise your goals -at least two-????3-6 Document your own development needs, plans and activities- Make sure you include the feedback you received- 4 Participate in at least two personal and professional development activities you selected in the previous question- Attach proof to this section of your portfolio -e-g-, video of you attending a training workshop, video of a mentoring session you attend, notes you made at a conference or while listening to a podcast--

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