Develop and implement ways to improve the performance of

Assignment Detail:- Part - Managing team effectiveness and performance One of your key responsibilities as general manager is to develop and implement ways to improve the performance of CCF & MB's consultants and other staff members- Answer the following questions: Part Question 1: -a- Outline the team purpose, roles and responsibilities of the CCF & MB's team- -b- Using the ‘work plan' template provided below, develop a work plan for CCF & MB- This can be done by using actions of your choice -i-e- nurturing leads to create clients-- The work plan will also include who you will allocate various tasks to achieve the plan's objective- The plan must be within CCF & MB's organisational requirements and comply with legal requirements- -c- Outline the stakeholders that you would need to consult with to ensure that the roles and responsibilities meet the CCF & MB's operational plans, resource requirements and organisational processes--300 words- Part Question 2: Describe the process you might follow when developing quantitative and qualitative performance criteria- You should explain how you ensure that the criteria relates to CCF & MB's objectives and how to motivate and support staff members to achieve these objectives--200 words- Part Question 3: How will you facilitate team member input into planning, decision making and operational aspects of team tasks????-50 words- Part Question 4: Locate a code of conduct, either in your workplace or on the internet- Modify and customise it to create a code of conduct that would meet CCF & MB's business requirements- You can use the information provided at ‘Workable'- The link is available in the Toolbox--150 words-Part Question 5: What are the benefits of evaluating and monitoring staff members on a continuous basis????-50words-Part Question 6: Why is it important to document the performance management process???? Explain the possible consequences of not retaining appropriate records of this process--100 words- Part Question 7: In what ways can you reinforce excellence in work performance through recognition and continuous feedback???? Howmight you be able reward staff in non-financial ways????-100words-Part Question 8: You have realised that the majority of staff really do not understand the performance management process, development program and legal requirements- You need to deliver a training session to cover the key aspects- Map out your training program in the training template below- You will need to cover all steps of the performance management process in the Topics/Content of your training program- At the Fair Work Ombudsman website, you will find an excellent managing performance program- You can use this to develop your training program- The link is provided in the Toolbox--200 words- Attachment:- Managing team effectiveness-rar

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