Develop and cost at least six menus or meal plans that

Assignment Detail:- SITHKOP004 Develop menus for special dietary requirements Assessment Part - Performance objective: The purpose of this assessment is to assess your ability to complete tasks outlined in elements and performance criteria of this unit in the context of the job role, and: a- develop and cost at least six menus or meal plans that individually or in combination meet at least six different special dietary requirements as specified in the knowledge evidence b- two of the above menus or meal plans must reflect one or more cultural or religious dietary requirements as specified in the knowledge evidence c- two of the above menus or meal plans must address the special dietary requirements of different customer groups as specified in the knowledge evidence d- evaluate each of the above menus by obtaining at least two of the following types of feedback:customer satisfaction discussions with:• customers• employees during the course of each business day• customer surveys• improvements suggested by:• customers• managers• peers• staff• supervisors• suppliers° regular staff meetings that involve menu discussion° satisfaction discussions with:• customers• allied health professionals• dieticians• medical specialists° seeking staff suggestions for menu items e- develop above menus and menu plans within commercial time constraints, demonstrating: ° methods for responding to feedback and adjusting menus° basic principles and practices of nutrition Assessment description: Your Parts: The project for assessment 2 consists of 3 parts, Part A, Part B and Part C-• Part A requires the planning and calculation of 6 different menus including 1 cyclic menu or meal plan• Part B requires the evaluation of each menu using at least 2 different evaluation methods overall-• Part C requires the amendment of at least 1 menu based on feedback and 1 menu to meet cost factors- You are required to complete each task for this assessment as outlined below in the specific task instructions- Develop and cost 6 menus or meal plans for the selections you make from the list in the table below as indicated-Each menu needs to be evaluated- You must choose 2 different evaluation methods overall from the list in the table attached- Part A Question 1- Plan, write and cost each of your menus you have selected in the list above- Each menu must include a minimum of 3-corses each- The food cost for each menu must not exceed $7-50 including all courses- Complete the details for each menu as outlined below- Question 2- menu type selected for main types of customer groups that have special dietary requirements mustconsist of a 1-week cyclic menu or meal plan consisting of 7 3-course menu with a vegetarian option for each day-The "Menu Price Balance template" for menu 6 below has these provisions- The food cost for the cyclic menu must not exceed $6-00 for any 3- course menu- Question 3 Each menu type must provide nutritionally balanced meal options for the relevant type of dietary requirement- Question 4- Use the attached Standard Recipe Card Template -or your own choice of format- and list the ingredients for each menu dish listed in your cycle menu including sides- Alternatively you may use the template "Banquet Analysis Sheet" and cost each menu and all its components in this document- Question 5- The Portion size for each dish must consider that there are 3 courses a menu and portion size therefore needs to reflect this- Question 6- Calculate each dish and show the cost per serve- Attach your yield calculations where necessary -if you use vegetables or meat, then the calculations must show the net price based on net yields-- The support Tool Folder contains yield test tools to assist you in these calculations- Part B Question 1- List the review methods you have used for each method and provide the feedback you have received for each menu- Provide details for the methods used to obtain feedback and details for the persons you have consulted with Question 2- Identify which factors would suggest that changes need to be made to your menu items- Part C Question 1- Apply the feedback you have received to the relevant menus or dishes and adjust the costing in a new template or added tab Clearly mark these as V2 -Version 2- or "revised' Question 2- Attach the revised changes to this project for submission Attachment:- Develop menus for special dietary requirements-rar

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