Develop and cost a range of menus covering a range of

Assignment Detail:- SITHKOP002 Plan and cost basic menus Assessment Part: Workplace project TASK SUMMARY This task is divided into three parts:• Part A: Conduct research and write a report about menu requirements and customer preferences -Research report-• Part B: Plan menus and consult with the Team -Team meeting-• Part C: Develop and cost menus -Prepare menu, recipe cards and P/L statement-• Part D: Collect feedback on new menus and write a report PART C- DEVELOP AND COST MENUS SUMMARYFor this task you are required to develop and cost a range of menus covering a range of service styles, using the feedback that you have received from customers and colleagues- INSTRUCTIONS FOR PART C STEP 1: ANALYSE INFORMATIONAnalyse the research from Part A, the meeting minutes from Part B and your workplaces current menu- Make notes of menu ideas and changes based on the feedback that you have received from customers and colleagues- STEP 2: DRAFT NEW MENUS• Based on your analysis of feedback, you must develop eight new potential menus for consideration- Each menu must be a different service style- You must develop:» An A la carte menu» A buffet menu» A cyclical menu» A degustation menu» An ethnic menu» A set menu» A table d'hote» A seasonal menu• Each menu must include at least eight different menu items and each menu item must have a minimum of five ingredients-• You must show that throughout your menus you have catered to at least six dietary requirements- At least one of these must be a cultural or religious requirement-• Two of the menus must cater to two different specific customer groups- -children, weight problem related, elderly, international tourists, etc--• Draft up your menus- You may use the same menu items in more than one menu, if appropriate to the service style- STEP 3: COST MENUS• Prepare a recipe card for each menu item on each menu including: ingredients, quantities, cost per unit/kilo-• Work out the cost per recipe and total cost per serve-• Work out the overall cost to develop each menu each day- Base your calculations -number of tables, number of turns per service period etc-- on your workplace or from your RTO recipe bank-• Work out an appropriate mark-up cost for each menu item on each menu, to maximise profitability- STEP 4: DEVELOP MENUS• Develop a one-page menu for each service style, describing each dish using words that will promote the sale of the menu-• You must identify which menu items cater to dietary requirements- -E-g- V for vegetarian-• Ensure you use appropriate naming convention and culinary terms-• The menu must be developed in a professional format, using Microsoft Word or a similar program- Attachment:- Plan and cost basic menus-rar

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