Develop a WHS Induction Pack to deliver to at least one

Assignment Detail:- BSBWHS521 Ensure a safe workplace for a work area Part: WHS Induction Pack This task will require you to develop a WHS Induction Pack to deliver to at least one required personnel in your work area- Information used in the WHS induction pack can be in line with the WHS management plan developed in Workplace Project Part 2 or existing policies and procedures applicable to the work area- This is to be used to deliver a WHS induction in Workplace Project Part 9- Use your workplace/organisation's template to complete this task or use the WHS Induction Pack template provided at the Bounce Fitness site-To complete this task, you must follow procedures outlined in the WHS Management Plan developed in Workplace Project Part 2 to:• Develop a WHS Induction Pack, which must include the following:o Roles and responsibilities of duty holders in the work areao Requirements for managing hazards and risks in the work area, which must include information for the following:• Hazard identification• Risk assessment• Risk controlo Requirements for reporting incidents in the work areaReview Workplace Project Part 8 - Assessor's Checklist before starting this task- This form outlines the following:• Resources you are required to access to complete the task-• All criteria your submission must address to satisfactorily complete this task-You assessor will discuss these resources with you, and the criteria outlined in this form prior to this assessment-IMPORTANT! If you are developing an induction program based on existing policies and procedures, you must submit documentation of requirements used to develop an WHS induction pack-

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