Develop a website UI design - design of the new system, not

Assignment Detail:- COIT20248 Information Systems Analysis and Design - Central Queensland University Assignment 2 is a group assignment -each group consists of 3 to 4 students-- Your course knowledge gained about how to model the systems requirements will be assessed through the tasks in this assignment- You also need to produce a website design- This assignment has the following tasks, with reference to the case study NQ Air Conditioning -NQAC- provided to you on Moodle: IntroductionIdentify all critical use cases-Draw the context diagram-Draw the next level DFD immediately below the context diagram, depicting all the business processes-Draw the entity-relationship diagram -ERD- showing all required entities and their relationships-Develop a website UI design -showing all the webpages--Provide at least 4 complete test cases for testing the application-Provide Installation strategy specific for NQAC-Summary of and conclusion Since the report mostly involves diagrams, tables and sample screens, the report has no word limit -however, I prefer a concise rather than wordy report-- Note that tasks 2 to 8 above refer to the design of the new system, not the existing system- If these tasks are based on some assumptions you have made, state these assumptions clearly in the report to support your design- In addition to the report, your group also needs to produce a video presentation -about 5 to 10 minutes; marks will be deducted if the video is longer than 10 minutes- to explain your website design -item 8 above-- For group presentations, nominate two members to participate in the presentation- In summary, you need to submit a "professionally written", "business-like" report covering items 1 to 9 above, and a video clip -that can be played back using common media players- to explain your website design- Attachment:- Information Systems Analysis-rar Attachment:- Case_Study-rar

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