Develop a project proposal for a new student/ staff

Assignment Detail:- Student and Staff Experience Project - Carpark Seeker Client: The University of Newcastle Description: The University of Newcastle -UON- has asked your team to develop a project proposal for a new student/ staff experience initiative- The University has indicated that this initiative should aim to address one or more of the following:• Increase maximum utilisation of car parking facilities across the campus• Reduce time for finding parking area and parking space especially in the busy times• Improve student/ staff experience in navigating the campus• Improve communication/ interaction between students/ staff and the clubs as well as among the members within a specific club For your project proposal, your team has been asked to provide a project plan, including -but not limited to- scope, budget, timeframe, and resources required- UON Management have asked that you use the standard UON project management documents -these are provided in Assessments on the Blackboard site-- The project management templates detail all the information that you are required to provide for your project proposal and plan - you may add additional detail relevant to your project but all sections in the template must be addressed- UON Management have also indicated that they expect some deliverables within 6 months of the start of the project, so your project timeline must factor this in- The maximum time limit for completion of the project is 12 months from the project start date- While UON Management are open to all ideas, they are expecting that the project addressed by your plan should include, but not limited to, any suggestion of incorporating new innovative ideas by using emerging technologies, new software/ tools or by augmenting the existing technology/ IT/ physical infrastructure through added-on IT services, software or technologies- Your planning documents must include this in detailed- PROJECT COSTSTypes of Costs- Direct Costs -Labor, materials, equipment, and other- Direct Overhead Costs -Salary of the project manager, temporary rental space, stationary supplies,specialized machinery, Resources of the organization- General and Administrative overhead costs - Accounting, human resources, etc-  ON-GOING COSTS POST PRODUCTION

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