Develop a plan for the situation(s) where you undertake

Assignment Detail:- SITXHRM003 Lead and manage people Assessment Part Performance objective:The purpose of this assessment is to assess your ability to complete tasks outlined in elements and performance criteria of this unit in the context of the job role, and:• monitor individual or team performance demonstrating at least four of the following leadership and management roles:a- decision makingb- delegation of tasksc- information provisiond- provision of feedbacke- motivation through recognition and rewardsf- planning and organising• seek and respond to feedback from team members during the above service periods, in line with organisational goals and policies in the following areas:a- allocation or performance of workb- effectiveness of communication within team, between other teams or within organisationc- efficiency or deficiency in workplace practices Assessment description: Service Instances - Details You will be observed monitoring individual or team performance demonstrating at least 4 of the following leadership and management roles: -Select 4-decision makingdelegation of tasks information provision provision of feedbackmotivation through recognition and rewardsplanning and organisingThe selected roles may be observed individually on several occasions or during e-g- preparation and service for a function, organising or holding an event or similar where a complete operational cycle can be observed- Part A Planning monitoring 1- Once you have selected the activities with your trainer, you will need to develop a plan for the situation-s- where you undertake monitoring including: A- An overview of the activities typically undertaken by the team in the workplace or simulated training environment B- A description of the team C- The job roles and duties undertaken by each team member D- How the tasks to be completed during the instance-s- will be planned, organised and allocated, and communicated to each team member or the team as a group E- Provisions for decision making and delegation of tasks F- The documentation you will use to assist you to inform staff -e-g- booking information, menus, schedules etc-- G- The provisions for monitoring H- The provisions for de-briefing staff at the end of the service instance-s- Part B - Observation You will demonstrate your ability to carry out each of the 4 activities planned for in Part A- Using your knowledge of leadership and management techniques, you will need to: 1- Plan and organise the activity -e-g- a meeting to provide workplace information- 2- Use appropriate decision making techniques 3- Delegate suitable tasks using the correct techniques 4- Collect and provide relevant feedback from and to staff 5- Use suitable motivation techniques Part C - Post monitoring/observation- Evaluating the monitoring processes a- Provide an overview of the efficiency and/or deficiency of the workplace practices: 1- What worked well???? 2- What did not work well and why???? b- How effective was the communication: 1- Between you and individual team members 2- Between you and team 3- Amongst the team c- How effective was the allocation and delegation of tasks to individuals and the team overall???? What were the shortfalls or weaknesses you have identified, and which actions will you take to overcome these???? d- What feedback have you provided???? To whom???? e- What feedback have you received from individuals, and the team overall???? f- How have you used feedback received and in which instances???? How will you use feedback received for future services as part of continuous improvement???? Attachment:- Lead and manage people-rar

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