Develop a maintenance strategy based on the RCM methodology

Assignment Detail:- Description Topic - automotive/car In this case study you need to develop a maintenance strategy based on the RCM methodology for a system/component that has a history and you have access to it- It can be your car, a pump, a 3D printer, air condition, etc- You need to check the existing documents, talk to users/operators/inspectors/etc-, review manuals, and search online published materials to complete this assessment- You need to use the provided Information Worksheet templates to first develop the following topics:1- Functions2- Functional failures3- Failure modes4- Failure effects Then use the RCM decision making diagram to define the right maintenance strategy for the given failure mode developed in information worksheet and provide the answer to diagram questions in the Decision Worksheet template- Deliverables:1- You need to develop at least 30 failure modes at the right LEVEL2- You need to make sure you have at least 5 hidden failure covered with the right maintenance strategy3- You need to have at least 1 FFI calculations for hidden failures where FFI is a technically and economically feasible option4- You need to write at a 3-page report to explain the problem and the approach taken to solve the issue -RCM- with the highlighted findings- Assume this is a report for a high level manager who will not read through the all the failure mode details- This report has to be structured in a way to provide enough details and key findings in a right language for a high level manager- If there is anything which may not be provided or you need more details which is not available you can make assumptions and document your assumptions in your in a separate page- You may need o refer to RCM3 book mentioned in the references for any further information you may need on developing failure modes-

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