Develop a Java-based system that implements the use cases

Assignment Detail:- Question: Develop a Java-based system that implements the use cases and sequence diagrams that your- group members chose to focus on in Part 2 & Part 4- You will not be penalised if you are unable to implement all parts of your use cases and sequence diagrams, as some of these will be more complex than others- However, what you do choose to implement should be consistent with at least a subset of your previous submissions, and it should be possible to compile and run your code, and for a user to interact with it in order to accomplish at least part of the use-case- In other words, you should submit a vertical prototype- You will also not be penalised if your code is not integrated into a single java program, but is instead comprised of several programs that must be run separately- However, your code should demonstrate some interconnectivity between classes that is consistent with your sequence diagrams- In other words, it''s ok to submit several small vertical prototypes instead of one large one- Your submission should be a compilable and runnable Java project, which you should package up as a single zip file- The zip file should include all source files, but does not need to include any data or compiled code- This submission should cover all of the following assignment parts Part 5, in which you implement the classes mentioned in your sequence diagrams, including the logic required for them to interact in a way that is consistent with your sequence diagrams- Part 6, in which you implement a database connection to ensure your data classes can be stored persistently and accessed when needed- Part 7, in which you implement user interface screens required for users to be able to interact with the system to achieve their goals- Notes: This is a group assignment, and every group member is expected to make contributions to the code- Each member will need to explain their own contributions in Part 8- Ideally, each group member will focus on implementing code related to their selected use-case/sequence diagram -from Part 2 & Part 4-- You should check with your tutor first if you would like to work on some other part of the system- Attachment:- SequenceDiagram-rar

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