Develop a data analysis, interpret, and report platform

Assignment Detail:- Introduction: You must develop a data analysis, interpret, and report platform based on the selected organization sources- The platform needs to developed using Microsoft Excel- You need to write a report on how you developed it and the use of this data analysis platform- You should be able to use the platform to analyze complex data from a selected organization to help influence management decision-making processes- The report should be written in appropriate business language so that your analysis and discussion have an objective tone- Your writing should be clear and concise and be in your own words- Use headings and subheadings to guide the reader and include tables or diagrams to interpret your findings more clearly- Follow below guide to complete your assignment-› 1- Use Microsoft Excel to demonstrate your ability to analyze and interpret and report appropriate data for organizational decision-making-› 2- A report on how you produced the MS Excel output, the data set-s- you have used to analyze, why you chose certain types of analysis and interpretation of data using graphical views, then your recommendations and conclusions- The written report must be of 1,500 words in length excluding references- The referencing style must follow the APA referencing style-This is an individual assessment, and you must choose to analyze the selected data with reference to the organizational decisions required- You may support the selected organizational data with further research to inform and support your analysis and relevant recommendations- Overall, you need to ensure you use the data to inform management so they will have sufficient data and information to make the relevant decisions appropriately- To analyze the data, you need to decide what analysis you should use, how to model it and how to report it- Once you have decided this, you will need to build your analysis on MS excel format and create a dashboard containing different visual data summary options for the relevant management decisions- That means you need to take into consideration that if the original data changes, how this could change the final data that you present to your management for decision making-You are required to set up the MS Excel dashboard to assist any user to make decisions- You are to provide decision making outcomes for the organization by using these tools and validate the importance of specific analysis and interpretation for the management decisions- Next, add at least 4 recommendations concerning the decisions management may make considering any risks and investments, costs, and benefits such as expenses, costs, losses of reputation etc- Learning Outcome 1: Structure of the written report: Background information is relevant, issues are logically ordered, recommendations clearly relate to the issues-Learning Outcome 2: Identify main issues: Prioritize choices, justify, and prioritize issues chosen-Learning Outcome 3: Analyze the issues: Each issue is discussed using relevant concepts and principles, insight is shown in analyzing the information-Learning Outcome 4: The recommendations panel: Identify recommendations from the case study, show how decisions that you have captured for the recommendations can be put into practiceLearning Outcome 5: Write clearly and concisely: Arguments are explicit and succinct, appropriate headings are used, grammar and spelling are accurate- Specific Information: Data:You have been provided with a data set which represents data from a financial services company collected from February to June 2018- The data consists of variables collected from our website representing the online activity of potential customers who are seeking to obtain a credit cardand other relevant data- Some customers come to the websote through paid advertisements on other websites and social media, some by referrals by partners and others by organic searches ie their own searching for credit card information on the internet- The variables in the data set are explained in the provided table below- The actual data set is provided in the LMS under the link financialservices-xls Parts:As the data analyst for the finance company, you have been asked to analyse the data, provide management with a relevant summary of the key characteristcis and provide analysis which can inform the required business decisions indicated below- Management would like to focus on analysing activity outside the US and thus you have been provided with a truncated data set of 1433 observations from the customers who are not located in the US-Management would like to you to provide analysis, information and recommendations regarding the following; 1- Provide an overall summary of the key data using both relevant summary measures and graphical representations- This should include some analysis of thenumber of sessions and related activity of customers from when they first enter the website until the point they leave- In addition, management would like to know what are the key sources/channels of traffic, what devices are being used by potential customers to access the site, what browsers are being used and what are the main products which potential customers seek information on when they enter the site -for main products if required limit your discussion to 4-7 products and justify your choice- 2- Management would also like to analyse data around the main products you identified previously- They would like to identify for these main products if there are differences in the session characteristics by the type of landing page, the types of browser and the traffic source- 3- For the key sources/channels of traffic, management would like to be informed if there are specific channels/sources which appear to be driving potential customers to the website in comparison to others- For the relevant 6 months, management had invested heavily in paid advertisements including targeted social media spend in 6 countries -Australia -au-, Canada -ca-, Germany -de-, Japan -jp-, Mexico -mx- and the United Kingdom -uk-- Management would like analysis and your conclusions about whether this targeted spend has worked or not???? Please provide two submissions for this assessment- The first submission will be the word document report summarising the tasks, your approach to analysis, your conclusions and recommendations- The second submission will be an EXCEL file containing the relevant data, your graphs and dashboards- Attachment:- Assesment instructions-rar

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