Develop a comprehensive Innovative thinking and Practices

Assignment Detail:- Sustaining Innovative Thinking and Practices In Part A, you identified and described the tools and methods to supporting a culture of innovation under the scope of Human Resources for management to utilise in the promoting of innovative thinking and practices in Us3 Steakhouse- Innovative Thinking and Practices Sustainability Strategy Your task in Part B is to focus on making innovation an integral part of the daily operations of Us3 Steakhouse to ensure long-term sustainability of the innovative thinking and practice strategy you have outlined in Part A, specifically to design systems and processes to recognised individual contributions, to analyse barriers and risks involved and to analyse the effect of innovation performance for areas of improvement- To complete this section, you are to develop a comprehensive Innovative thinking and Practices sustainability strategy- 1- Innovation Sustainability strategiesInnovation comes from developing a shared sense of purpose and creativity has to be unleashed and sustained throughout the organization- This comes from every individual staff and stakeholder embracing innovation as an organisational value at Us3 Steakhouse-a- For each of the listed values, provide a description of the value and develop an appropriate strategy to promote and sustain the value to ensure that innovation becomes an integral and sustained part of work activity- 2- Process Confirmation, Monitoring and recognitionBoth individuals and teams contribute to innovation and individuals need to be aware of the impact and importance of their contributions to innovative thinking and practice-a- For each of the key questions listed to assist you in developing your strategy to confirm and monitor ongoing awareness develop a process that can confirm, affirm ongoing awareness of individuals and teams contributions at Us3 Steakhouse-b- Develop a process that can confirm, affirm and recognise the contributions of teams based on the listed criteria- 3- Risk ManagementInnovative thinking and practices are often met with barriers to change and implementation-a- Identify at least THREE barriers to change that staff at Us3 Steakhouse might face and their impact on innovative thinkingb- For each barrier identify and define a strategy that can be implemented to overcome the barrier to innovationc- The sustaining of innovative workplace culture includes the accompanying risks and barriers to change-i- For each of the strategies that you have identified in Question 1ii- Evaluate each practice to determine the potential riskiii- Identify the type of risk -Financial, Revenue, Compliance, Operational etc-iv- Analyse each risk to determine the overall risk rating - low, moderate, high or critical risk-v- Based on your risks and barriers to the identified practices, identify methods that Us3 Steakhouse can manage and mitigate those risks to more effectively sustain the culture of innovative thinking amongst the stakeholders and staff 4- Reflection and AnalysisOrganisations must track any business activity that they take up and assess it against the desired objectives- Without this monitoring and review, it would not be possible to say with certainty whether the business activity or practice has been successful-i- Identify at least THREE analytical methods that can be used to measure innovation performance on the strategies you have described in Question 1-ii- Identify how each method will be used to analyse innovation performanceiii- Identify and define how this will be used to analyse and reflection on innovative strategies-  

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