Determining what insights industry wants and sourcing data

Assignment Detail:- DATA6000 Capstone - Industry Case Studies Capstone: Industry Case Studies Assessment - Methodology Peer Review Review and Feedback Report Your Part• Activity 1: All students present in-class -to a partner- their plan for the below steps of the final project:o Determining what insights industry wants and sourcing datao Data processing and managemento Data analytics techniques usedo• Activity 2: Students write a feedback report for their partner • Activity 3: Students read the feedback from their partner and complete a short survey on how useful it was Assessment Instructions Activity 1: Presentations -30 Minutes- • Beginning of class lecturer randomly assigns groups of two -2- • Each student will present for 8-10 minutes outlining their plan for below parts of their research projecto Determining what insights industry wants and sourcing data• What industry are you looking at???? What business question do you want to answer???? Is the project feasible given the amount of time you have- Provide some feedback- • Where will you source your data???? How do you anticipate that the data will help answer your business question???? • Is the data able to be analysed???? -or are you going down the rabbit hole????- o Data processing and management• How will you store and manage the data???? • How much cleaning and filtering do you anticipate the data will require???? • Will the data sources require some effort to integrate???? o Data analytics techniques used• What techniques will you apply to the data???? Have the techniques been used successfully on other data previously???? • How will these techniques provide insights to address the business problem???? • What software will enable you to easily apply the analytics and visualize the data???? • The other group member will take detailed notes for their feedback report Activity 2: Feedback Report -1 hour- Students will write a brief feedback report -can be dot points as long as you use appropriate headings- for their partner based on below points and send it to their partner as well as submitting on Turnitin- Please remember that you will be marked based on the usability and helpfulness of your comments- Please be respectful in your feedback and addressing the below- Summary Section -50-100 words-**A brief introduction to what question the student is addressing, their proposed data set and methodology Constructive Feedback -200-400 words-** Provide one positive and one constructive piece of feedback about:• The student's business question and explanation of the industry • Their data source- Refer back to lecture 3 for potential pitfalls and suggest where the student may face problems- • The methodology the student plans to use- Suggest alternatives if relevant, and identify any issues they may face given their data and business question- Recommendations -100 words-Provide a holistic recommendation regarding the next steps that the students could take- For example, more data sources, looking at different methodologies, going back to subject material from previous subjects etc- Activity 3: Survey -40 minutes- • Each student shares the feedback with their partner• Each student completes a google forms survey about how useful the feedback was- This survey will ask the following question: o How well their partner understood the direction of their projecto How useful their feedback for framing your business question, finding data and selecting a methodologyo How constructive and respectful the feedback waso Whether it gave you any novel ideaso Whether it helped you feel more confident taking the next steps Attachment:- Case Studies-rar

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