Determine priorities and potential areas of risk for

Assignment Detail:- Question: Simulation based assessment task: In order to undertake various activities related to this task, you must assume the role of an enrolled nurse working in a GP clinic- The staffing in your GP clinic includes:• A Practice Manager• Four -4- General Practitioners• A registered nurse• Two enrolled nurses including you• Two -2- receptionists• A clerical staff person• A pathology nurse• A radiology technician Mr Simon, 51 years old, is in your GP clinic with complaints of severe cough and fever- He is accompanied by his partner- Mr Simon asked the receptionist whether there will be a long waiting time as he has a flight to catch to Perth this evening and from there to Malaysia in three days- He will be going away for two months to visit three Asian countries- He also enquires about possible travel vaccinations he may need to have prior to his travel- The registered nurse asks you to address Mr Simon's and Ms Natasha's -partner- needs and requirements- They are waiting for you at reception- Mr Simon has brought his blood results and x-ray results extracted from his workplace database following a corporate health check- A summary of Mr Simon's health records is provided below for your reference- Summary of Mr Simon' medical records Blood values -test result from last week- Client's result Normal range S- Calcium 2-4 mmol/L 2-2-2-6 mmol/L High-density lipoprotein 0-9 mmol/L ≥ 1-04 mmol/L Low-density lipoprotein -LDL-C- 6-36 mmol/L ≤ 3-36 mmol/L S- Creatinine 68-9 μmol/L 61-9-115 μmol/L Erythrocyte sedimentation rate 26 mm/h 0-20 mm/h Hemoglobin 140 g/L 140-170 g/L WBC count 5-6 x 109 cells/L 3-9-10-7 x 109 cells/L X-ray result Scarring of the lungs for further evaluation You are required to demonstrate the following activities in relation to this scenario- a- Gather comprehensive health information from Mr Simon through interview, physical health examination and review of medical records- You must recognise clinical manifestations of health conditions affecting Mr Simon that might require primary health care-b- Determine priorities and potential areas of risk for implementation of primary health care for Mr Simon-c- Report your findings to the registered nurse-d- Liaise with appropriate health care team members and decide on further care for Mr Simon- You must discuss the following with the team members, as appropriate:• Actual health issues of Mr Simon• Potential health issues of Mr Simon• Actual or potential environmental health issues impacting Mr Simon• Priorities and potential areas of risk for implementation of primary health care• Identify possible nursing interventions Your assessor will coordinate this session as a registered nurse- e- After identifying other primary health care areas for Mr Simon, demonstrate the following activities:• Discuss the physical, psychological and social impacts of the identified health problems on daily living activities with Mr Simon-• Demonstrate how you would involve Ms Natasha in this discussion-• Provide health education using appropriate communication strategies to support Mr Simon's capacity to gain and understand relevant information-• Support Mr Simon to engage in health promotion programs-• Identify the community and other resources available to attend to the identified health care needs/issues-• Provide appropriate information to Mr Simon and Ms Natasha on available resources and how to access them- Guidelines to the candidate:• Your assessor will play the role of the registered nurse for this task-• You must liaise with your classmates to play the roles of different health care team members as required to perform the various activities forming part of this task-• You must apply principles of primary health care and work within the philosophical framework supporting the primary health care system when demonstrating the identified activities-

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